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Evaluation essay as a tool to judge the value and quality of an object

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Evaluation essays are used to judge the value and quality of an object, text, event or individual by giving explanations and support. Evaluation essays come in three categories which are reviews, critical analyses and recommendations. A review is defined as an appraisal that is critical whose purpose is to evaluate, discuss, assess and judge a play, book or film. It is done to determine whether the item assessed is worth giving any attention to. The review is done in order so that an audience can have an overview of the item they intend to purchase or watch. A critical analysis focuses on recommendations, ideas or proposals. It judges whether the argument or text that has been presented is useful or sound. A performance review or recommendation is one that is done with the intention of evaluating the work performance of an individual. It evaluates their qualifications for a particular task or assignment. The purpose of evaluations for readers to know the item being evaluated. 

Evaluations have target audiences which can be large or small. If one’s audience is general, then an evaluation is done with the following in mind. The evaluator has to know if the readers already have an idea of the subject being evaluated. This is important because the reader will know whether to introduce the item to be evaluated in detail or just a brief explanation. The evaluator will also consider if the readers already have beliefs in the item to be evaluated. Readers might already have various perceptions of the item to be evaluated and as such if one’s review is contrary to their opinion a backlash may follow suit. Finally, the evaluator has to put in mind the circumstances which the reader will be reading the review. This is important because the writer has to know whether to be formal or informal in his evaluation. 

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Evaluation essays need to be planed and revised. The intention of planning an evaluation essays is so that the reader can know how to structure the review. The writer has to know whether the evaluation done will be mostly positive or mostly negative. Some evaluations have reference at the end of the paper while others to do not. The writer has to know whether his review will be affected by the beliefs that the audience has to the item he desires to review. An evaluator needs to be prepared for the criticisms that will come their way. Planning and revision is necessary because the evaluator has to have the possible outcomes of his evaluation and prepare how to respond or handle them 

A frame for evaluation is the structure that one uses when doing an evaluation. The frame shows the write how to begin the evaluation and how to end it. The first part of a frame is the introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph is important because it is used to capture the interest of the reader. It is also where the thesis statement is introduced in the evaluation. The second part of the frame contains the background information of the item to be evaluated. This contains a brief overview of what the item contains for example a book review will contain the summary of the book. The third part of the frame is the evaluations that the evaluator has done on the item. These paragraphs will contain the reasons why the evaluated believes the item is worth the attention of the audience. The paragraphs have to be well structured and detailed as they will make or break the review. Supporting materials are vital in this frame. The fourth part of the frame the evaluator has to concede some of the points and point out why other evaluators might disagree with the evaluation done. Despite this the evaluator still has to explain why the evaluation done is strong and stands out. Conceding is done when the write agrees with a positive point in a negative evaluation or agrees with a negative point in a positive evaluation. Finally, the evaluator has to conclude the evaluation essay with a catchy conclusion. The conclusion will also summarize their point of view and give recommendations whether the item should be bought or not. 

A sample evaluation done is a review on a book title Two Sisters by Åsne Seierstad was published in 2018 and a review on the book was done by Edward Morris. In his review Morris (2018) starts by introducing the author of the book and describes the intention of the author in the book. He gives an introduction to the book by pointing out the problems the sisters faced and what tore them apart. He summarizes the book written by Åsne Seierstad in a captivating way that makes the readers want to keep reading. 

In the preceding paragraphs, Morris (2018) describes the story in details. The paragraphs give the reader a vivid picture of the book and brings their curiosity to the surface. He uses words that are extremely descriptive such as “preaching death for non-believers”, “smugly asserting they were spiritually infallible” and “ran up huge credit bills and signed up numerous hone services”. The words put us in the story book and we can see how the sisters lived and what they went through. 

The review done is well articulated and formally written. His target audience was scholars and the words use were appealing to them. Non- scholars were also considered as one would be attracted to the book just to find out what more happened to the sisters. He finally recommends the book to the readers by relating the encounter of the sisters and our society today. He was able to make a review that evaluated book in details and followed the steps given in text. 


Morris E., (2018) Two Sisters: A family Torn Apart Book Review. Retrieved on April 3 2018 from http://bookpage.com 

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