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Evaluation of Mission Statement

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The Home Depot

The statement describes an inspiring purpose that prevents satisfying the selfish interests of stakeholders. The statement describes an inspiring purpose that seeks to satisfy both the customer and its employees. The statement describes the company's responsibility to its stakeholders. The company's commitment to its customers is visible in the statements. The statement defines a business domain and explains why it is attractive. It describes the domain of the business. However, it is not mentioned because this is attractive (David, 2011). The statement describes the strategic positioning the company prefers in such a way as to help it identify the kind of competitive advantage it will try to achieve. The company emphasizes that its strategy is the good treatment of its employees, which allows the production of quality products and the preference of its clients. The statement identifies values ​​that relate to the purpose of the organization and act as beliefs that pride employees. It is made clear that the company has values ​​and infuses its employees.

Values ​​are consistent with and reinforce the organization's strategy. Yes, the mission establishes that the work environment must promote human development, this is reinforced in the mission when it speaks of the values ​​of respect, trust, and integrity that the employees of the company have. The statement describes important standards of conduct that serve as guides to strategy and values. Yes, it mentions the good relationship that the company seeks to have with its employees, as well as the environmental and social awareness that it must have. The standards of conduct are described in such a way as to enable each employee to judge if they behave correctly. It's very clear. The statement provides a portrait of the company that captures the culture of the organization. Yes, an organizational culture full of values ​​is clearly described. The statement is easy to read. Yes, it is simple and short. This means that the mission satisfactorily describes the objective. It is observed that the values, both desired and shared, are identified as individual and collective modes of action, in addition to supporting the mission, all with the ultimate goal of achieving.

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The mission of the company clearly and precisely defines the fundamental objective of the organization (Dobson et al., 2009). To market with quality and competitiveness, adequately expresses to whom or to whom it is directed, to the customer, indicates what it is to guarantee, products and services, in this aspect we can be more definable since in the present socioeconomic conditions of the territory we do not express what kind of services can be guaranteed to the customer. The social function of the company is clearly reflected. The mission we can say is quite comprehensive in the present. Which does not have a true mission of the future, is not explicit about how the organization is, and how it changes. It does not represent an image of a desired possible future state. It does not express that it is a better condition than it exists now. It does not state how it will be in the future.


The mission: is qualitative. It invites transformation, as it exposes the need for positive change and progressive. It is demanding and encouraging. It constitutes a vital and powerful force since it benefits for all. It is timeless, that is, it is not easy to define a precise period or date for your fulfillment. The mission is conceptualized statically over time, but its Achievement has a dynamic projection. It requires a high level of sensitivity and perception of the present with a sense of transcendence. It is systemic - involves multiple associated and connected subsystems in which organizational events are implemented. It is defined in breadth and detail. Leaders define it in combination with managers and those who have greater contact with the interior and exterior of the organization (DeLong, 2009). It helps define the reason for the existence of the organization and promotes actions to strengthen and expand organizational resources.

It is compatible and articulate with the missions of the groups and individuals of the organization. It is internalized appropriately in the organization, in addition to being known, shared and supported by its members. It inspires, motivates, challenges, and is realistic since the mission is easily achievable. Once the goals have been reached quickly, the organization is left without direction. On the contrary, the mission is encouraging since it is attainable and reasonable.

The mission captures the heart and spirit of all members since it is worth following (Stallworth, 2008). It gives something to believe, because it identifies with people's needs and expectations, as well as giving meaning to the work to do. However, declaring and communicating the mission is not enough. The challenge of decision-makers and leaders organization is to develop conditions for everyone to work with full commitment to the spirit of the mission; otherwise, it is as if the organization did not have a mission. 

Nike has been very developed its mission and based on the results obtained in the last years in the accelerated increase of sales it is possible to be appreciated that lives his mission fervently and transmits it effectively to all the stakeholders, in less than a decade from a local company to being one of the most advanced home construction companies in the world. Nike is a company that has its objectives very clear and well thought out, besides that, in my opinion, it reaches to exceed by far its objectives since it was a pioneer in its field and it is the company that has made the difference and above all the standard. Nike’s mission statement conveys that the stakeholders perfectly understand its philosophy which has led to success.


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