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Federal Laws and Policy that Address U.S. Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Laws and Presidential Directives are policies issued by the President of the United States, addressed to top people of departments (Kahan, 2013). These systems deal with problems involving the security of home, and there are 25 HSPD in total. The purpose of HSPD in the country is to prevent manipulation or demolition of resources in the country from impostors. It also maintains and strengthens a good relationship with foreign countries, which prevents any terror attacks which might happen in the country. Protection and alleviating of the country stability by ensuring public assurance through its finance is also one of the purposes which HSPD aids in. It also helps in ensuring that the state is prepared for any interior attack from the terrorist, tragedies or any other emergencies.

The purpose of the HSPD is to provide necessary information and means to publicize the news, regardless of the risk the terrorist impose on the people. The policy also requires the agencies to certify that the computer-based are continuous for the slight operation. The current HSPDs in the state are, Computer Network Monitoring and Cyber, Domestic Chemical Defence, Public Health and Medical Preparedness and Arctic Region Policy. The Computer Network Monitoring and Cyber-state that the state agencies should keep track and monitor any cyber activities. It also helps in eradicating the hostile events involved in any operation within the cyber activities. Domestic Chemical Defensive policy is directed to reinforce the capability of the state, to protect the people from using noxious chemicals and other incidents. A national strategy that permits an even level of public health is included in the policy of Public Health and Medical Preparedness (Plough, Fielding, Chandra, Williams, Eisenman, Wells, Magaña, 2013).

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Arctic Region Policy is the United States policies which govern the Arctic region. As an Action Officer, I would recommend three most important HSPDs to the state. These HSPDs includes Combating, Terrorism through Immigration Policies, Critical Infrastructure Identification, Prioritization and Protection and National Preparedness. The National Preparedness policy states that all people should be hazardous prepared for any domestic terror attacks and other disasters. It is important to the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary, by helping to develop a state from all hazardous domestic goals. It also helps in supporting the efforts of people who respond first, so as to be prepared for major events. Combating, Terrorism through Immigration policies is important to the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary, by preventing people from engaging in terror activities or by smuggling of illegal ammunition (House, 2013).

Critical Infrastructure Identification, Prioritization, and Protection identify the critical infrastructure of United States to help protect the people from terror attacks. It helps the DHS and Secretary to coordinate and protect the activities involved in information technology and communication. Another reason is by establishing policies which are uniformed and organizing the overall state to boost the critical infrastructure protection. They also work closely with other states to improve the relationship of the state. Other Homeland Security-related documents include the National security strategy which communicates to the Congress to allow their respond for different resources. They also produce internal harmony on state foreign policy within the country. The presidential directive issued by National Security Council is all classified (Sylves, 2014). 

The legal and public policy related to homeland security include the Homeland Defence, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks and Intelligence Authorization Act of 2006.


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