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Fifth Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Fifth syndrome infection, which is also referred to as slapped cheek disease, is a common disorder in children, which is brought about by the parvovirus. It is an infection that affects the lungs and the airway and manifests itself as a red rash on a child’s face. The symptoms associated with the infection include running nose, coughs, rashes, and a fever. The symptoms, however, can be mild to none in some individuals. A red rash appears on a child’s face roughly after a week of exposure to the virus. Slapped cheek syndrome is normally a mild infection even though the rash might cause some alarm. In some cases, however, the syndrome could become more serious. The spread of the virus occurs when one gets in contact with an infected person or can be transmitted from mother to child at the time of birth (Starr & Frydenberg, 2003)

The available community resources for slap syndrome that can help individuals during and after recovery include clinics, community centers, and education programs. The available clinics have professional medical personnel that provides the required medical care to individuals with the disorder. The clinics support sick people during the recovery process. Clinics provide critical medical care for children who get to contract the disease even when it has advanced to critical care (Starr & Wallace, 2011) . The available clinics within communities are essential resources that individuals cannot do without. Sick people get assured of treatment and good medical care before they get well and rejoin with their families. Community centers and education programs within the community provide support to community members by educating them and providing awareness on the slap syndrome disorder. Educating community members on a disease provides them with insight on how to cope with the disease and deal with the aftermath of the disease after treatment. Parents can attend the education programs to get informed on how to provide first medical care to children when they contact the infection. Such programs educate individuals on the possible symptoms to look out for in children and when to seek medical help. Additionally, people get to be informed on possible causes of the disease so that they can adhere to preventive measures to avoid the costs associated with the treatment of the ailment. 

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Several strategies can be used by nurses to promote community resources with pediatric clients. Nurses can volunteer to use their expertise to promote awareness and healthcare among members of the community. Voluntary nursing programs promote a culture of health in such communities (Saywell & Flynn, 1995). Voluntary services are as well beneficial to nurses as it helps them sharpen their skills, and it enhances positive co-existence among community members and healthcare practitioners. Voluntary services from nurses help to improve the community members’ lives through positive outcomes in disease prevention and treatment. Voluntary nurses provide resources to community embers that help them to cope with the disease. Additionally, the medical procedures taught by voluntary nurses to community embers help them to comply with the needs that require medical attention. 

Another strategy that can be used by nurses is by holding community events in which they educate community members about disease and the possible measures that can be taken in disease prevention and cure. Such events provide a platform for medical practitioners to provide free medical advice and educate people on how to manage the disease and the importance of clinics within the communities. Community members get advice on the importance of vaccination in young children as a preventive measure to preventable diseases. As a graduate nurse, I would provide free medical knowledge about the disease among members of the community and provide them with disease preventive measures. Additionally, I would provide voluntary services to the community members where they would receive free medical advice. 


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