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Food Steroids, Antibiotics and Spray. Are Food Manufactures Killing Us?

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The use of food steroids, as well as antibiotics and hormones, is one of the practices that has drawn controversy and several disputes within the United States food industry. It gets noted that however individual may assume that they have some nutritional gained from meat and other farm products, they are surely posing a significant health risk to themselves in the long run. The increased consumer demand regarding animal product has seen animals get pumped with several wonderful growth-boosting products. Through this, firms have been in a position to successfully meet the ever-growing market demand. Most of these chemicals that get by human beings and get deposited in the body have a long-term damaging effect if they get consumed. Whether in little quantity over a given period or in high concentration, they pose a high health risk to individuals who get to consume them. 

The hormones that get injected in animals have a significant potential of reducing the amount of waiting time before the specific animals get slaughtered in the dairy industries. Though there are several steroid hormones such as the estradiol, progesterone, testosterone which have gotten approved by FIDA for use in food production, it is not a certainty that these chemical have a zero impact on human health. 

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On the other hand, the use of pesticides has gotten linked to the various disease. The study which got conducted by a multi-university research team in Toronto established that pesticides have gotten connected to several human sicknesses and therefore its consumption in whatsoever way should get avoided by all means. The study found out that several health risks, for example, cancer, nervous system and not limited to the e reproductive problems were too much percentage caused by getting exposed to pesticides (Hallenbeck & Cunningham-Burns, 2012). 

The research has equally noted that the high exposure of human beings to pesticides led to the increased infection of the Parkinson disease. Illnesses such as lymphoma as well as asthma and not limited to childhood leukemia got linked to pesticides (Keikotlhaile, Spanoghe, Steurbaut, 2010). Human beings have gotten to consume these harmful pesticides chemicals through the vegetables. During farming such as spraying, the chemical gets deposited on the plants. Other get absorbed by the plants through the roots that get lodged in the contaminated chemical soils. 

Some of the pesticide remnants have in the past gotten found the bloodstream of various cancer patients. According to James Cleeton, women who were suffering from breast cancer in most were discovered to have pesticide residues integrated into their blood. The scenario was different from individuals who were not cancer patients. 

The wellbeing of a community, as well as an individual, is the first step to a healthy lifestyle (Ross et al., 2011). One has to get cautious about what they consume however much pretty the meals may look. Regarding nursing, it is important to note that the food steroids, as well as pesticides, have caused more harm than good to individuals. The consumption of these pesticides chemicals has led to most people suffering from a disease which could have gotten avoided by consuming healthy meals. As a result, sensitisation regarding the kind of meals to consume is essential. Through this, individuals will get to understand the proper ways of keeping healthy while avoiding chemically polluted crops and meat. It will help raise a healthy community. 

Factors that Led to the Thinking of the Issue 

The need to ensure a healthy living has led to various research on the level of sanity practised in the dairy industries as well as food processing firms regarding what is meant for consumption. In the recent studies, it has gotten established that there are several sicknesses which have gotten caused by consuming food products exposed to chemicals. Illnesses such breast cancer has gotten associated to pesticide deposits present in their bloodstreams, some of the steroids that get used to fatten some of the dairy livestock have also lead to diseases such as nervous system infections (Damalas & Eleftherohorinos, 2011). The increased rate of these infections has led to the need to identify some of the ways that can get adopted by the government to help in deterring what is healthy for human consumption. Through this, every individual will get sensitised on the healthy methods of farming such as the use of organic manure. It will help in substituting harmful chemical found in fertilisers. Through the government, via the ministry of agriculture, a recommendation of the use of harmless pesticides can get done thereby ensuring that vegetation meant for human consumption do not get exposed to chemicals that end up posing a future health risk to its consumers. 

Influence of Race Gender and Class 

There exist great difference regarding the eating culture of the Americans. Eating habits often get influenced by the existing societal grouping. For example, the race, gender and class. It gets considered that the more affluent in the society adopt a healthy lifestyle. They put more emphasis on what they consume as opposed to the middle class and the less fortunate in the community. For example, when purchasing vegetables, these individuals will ensure they buy of the highest quality. These are products prepared with high organic manure and treated with less harmful pesticides, Considering that the poor cannot afford this, their only resolution will be the poorly prepared vegetables and meat found along the streets. These consumable products often undergo little or no inspection to verify their safe state for consumption. Through this, one gets to note that the less fortunate in the society are the ones who get affected by the disease brought by the pesticides as well as food steroids and antibiotics. 


A person Race has equally played a significant role in determining what kind of benefits certain people receive. In most of the Native American society gets considered a superior race to the other races such as the black American and the immigrants. Since race closely gets linked to class, the superior race often gets considered to come from a higher social class. The white Native Americans from their childhood grow getting taught about the healthy eating habits which include the kind of meals to consume. Through these, the young native population grow knowing the right meals with positive impact in the body. 

Impact of Legal Factors 

Legal policies have equally contributed to the continuous consumption of chemicals which may end up harming humans in the long run after a long duration of consumption. Steroids such as the estradiol, progesterone, testosterone which have gotten approved by FIDA for use in food production when consumed over long periods may affect an individual’s life. Some farmers and dairy have taken advantage of the legalisation of the hormonal steroids and misused as a way to increase their sales by trying to meet the consumer growing demands. 

Cultural Factors 

The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of meals such as canned consumables. These products often have preservatives that increase their shelf life on in the outlet shopping stores. A community that has grown to believe that canned meals are the most healthy products, as opposed to products readily available in the streets, have at some point battled disease brought about by food steroids and antibiotics used on the meals. Culture has therefore to some extent led to poor lifestyle and health issues in the future. 


From a business perspective, the manufacturing companies, often target to meet the increasing demand for dairy and farm produce. They are therefore mandated to use food steroids as well as antibiotics to help the animals mature fast for consumption (Potter & Hotchkiss, 2012). The chemicals through or consumption by animals introduced to their flesh which when consumed if not adequately treated may lead to health risks. 

From a consumer perspective, every individual target to purchase products that look more appealing to the eye. In such scenarios, one gets drawn to the packed meals which look way better than the locally available ones. These products in most cases come from the dairy industries which are well known for steroids and antibiotics usage on dairy animals. 


From my point of view, I consider the dairy industry as well as companies that engage in large-scale farming playing a role towards poor health issues recorded by consumers of the company products. Despite the substances such as the food steroids and antibiotics having gotten a proved by FIDA for safe human consumption, excessive and prolonged consumption of products with these chemicals lead to future health risks. Though pesticides help in controlling the rate of disease infection in vegetables, the improper application either by quantity or method of application possesses more harm to humans upon consumption. The pesticide chemicals get deposited in the crops through absorption via the soil or through the leaves. When consumed by human beings, the individual fall risk of developing health complications such as lymphoma, Parkinson disease et al. (Gilden, Huffling & Sattler, 2010). It is for these reasons that I support that through food steroids, the antibiotics as well as sprays, the manufacturers are slowly killing the humans. 


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