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Gloucester PD Computer Project

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The use of computer technology to make work easier is now quite a popular undertaking in many facets of life. Software systems of different advancement levels are used by different institutions to perform functions that range from the most basic to the most complex and complicated. What is clear from this is that computer technology is currently the go to tool for those interested in analysing and receiving information that is helpful in decision making. Computer technology also offers simple efficiencies at a faster speed than would have been if there was use of alternative methodology. Police departments have various unique needs. As such, any technology that is designed to serve a police department must take into account the kind of data handled at the department. This paper is going to provide some of the key data areas that will be focused upon when coming up with a software project for the Gloucester Police Department. 

The first area of concern for the police department system that we intend to make will be the area of employees (police officers). Human resources are an important aspect of any institution and therefore it is essential to track the progress of their performance. The software will have to include performance data of all police officers at the Gloucester Police Department. The data will cover everything including the amount of years one has spent with the force, the officer’s discipline record, the officer’s current remuneration, transfer record of the officer and the public rating of every individual officer. Information about officers will be vital for those in command especially when making decisions concerning the responsibilities assigned to officers in the department. Through the computer project software that will be developed, it will be relatively much easier to access such personal officer data that would have taken long through a manual recording system. 

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The second feature of such a computer project is that it must maintain data about crime and individual criminal elements. The system should contain elements that ensure it is linked with other police department software systems. Other than that, the technology developed should also have some abilities to detect individually who criminal elements are. This detection can be made easier through the use of facial recognition technology. The software prepared could also identify criminals by running their name against an electronically generated list of common offenders. Still on crime, the project should be able to document the nature of crimes that go on in Gloucester. The software should be able to create patterns in crimes and thus offer the department’s officers an opportunity to make better analysis when solving crime. Through a system that provides factual data about crime and criminals, officers of Gloucester Police Department will have at their disposal a tool that will prove pivotal in their activities. 

The computer project will also need to have an asset register. The asset register will ensure that the system is capable of keeping record of all the assets possessed by the Gloucester Police Department. The system should for instance record the number of guns available and the ammunition required for these guns against what is actually available. Records of assets should also involve the quality and quantity of protective wear available, anti-rioting tools and equipment as well as the procedure for how these are to be requisitioned for in case of an emergency. The system prepared for Gloucester Police Department should also include details of the vehicles available to the department. The records should indicate condition, functionality and maintenance of the vehicles within the department. Having a good picture of the records of assets will be instrumental in helping to plan for asset needs and requirements at the Gloucester Police Department. 

The software prepared for Gloucester Police Department will also have information concerning the financial flow in the department. All institutions depend on financial viability to be able to survive. Financial stability at Gloucester Police Department will depend on the ability to track down financial data and record it. The recorded financial data will give decision makers in the department an opportunity to keep a firm track on the firm’s financial position. The system should include the most routine financial information concerning the operational expenses that are often incurred by the department. Financial records should also include information on the wages paid to all staff at the department as well as payments made to police informers. Financial recording should also involve all the monies coming into the station through fines and other avenues such as private security services rendered. 

Another area of concern that ought to be addressed by the system implemented at Gloucester Police Department is the laws and acts regarding various aspects of life. Police work mainly involves the maintenance of law and order along predetermined guidelines in the form of laws, the penal code and acts of legislation. It is important that any system installed for use by police officers to have information about the prevailing laws, acts and the statutes specified in the penal code. Having information about laws and acts in the system will be important in helping officers at Gloucester Police Department to seek clarification on the charges they can level against a criminal after apprehending him/her. Legal information and knowhow in the system will also give the system advantage of being able to produce apt reports on matters of law that are of interest either to the members of the department. 

Lastly, the system should be able to connect all the activities in the police department and provide progress reports at any point of contact that the department members have with the system. Connectivity of all activities should ensure that issues such as criminal admission and release are all recorded in the system. Connectivity with the system and the actual can also be manifested when the department makes use of system updates to perform actual responsibilities. An example of this is when the department’s vehicles have to be taken for repair and maintenance. The department should ensure that it sticks to the system generated date. On the other hand, the system should be able to generate progress reports and any other reports sought by members of the department. A technological system’s efficiency is only justified when the system is able to simplify the application of things. Through system reports the project will ensure that it lives up to expectations of offering more effectiveness and efficiency. 

In conclusion, it is possible to come up with a system addressing some critical areas of concern at Gloucester Police Department. However, it is important to note that such a system ought to be designed in a manner that will cater for some needs that are pressing in the department. One such area of concern is the area of tracking personal officer data. The other area of concern for the system implemented should be on maintaining information about crime and criminal elements of interest to the department. The technological system implemented for the department should also contain a detailed account about the assets in the possession of the department. Assets could range from police vehicles to ammunition. The system should also have the capability to keep a record of all financial transactions undertaken by the department. The system should also contain the laws and stipulations of the penal code as well as the ability to provide clear reports to the officers in the department. 

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