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Health Disparities in the Hispanic Population

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Recent studies have indicated that the Hispanics are experiencing major health risks. However, there is decreased trend of premature death among its people as compared to non-Hispanic who have higher smoking rates (Goldschmidt, 2015) . This can be attributed to a greater socio economic burdens they have to endure. Its apparent most of the Hispanics are suffering from poverty, language barriers and are lacking necessary health insurance covers. Therefore when compared to non-Hispanic whites they tend to experience inadequate health care. 

According to a CNN report, (2015) one in four Hispanics are living below poverty line and a large fraction of this population cannot speak good English and are more likely to be uninsured. This is contrast situation experienced by their non-Hispanic counterparts; they are well of and can afford better health care (Goldschmidt, 2015) . Earlier studies showed that populations that are socially disadvantaged tend to suffer worse health because of the deplorable conditions they have to live in (Braveman et al 2010). 

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The Hispanics who live in rural counties seem to be experiencing obesity, poverty and increased teen deaths. On the other hand, the whites who are residing in large urban counties have access to better health care and are more educated (Tinker, 2016) .. The Hispanics mostly are under the risk of suffering from cancer and diabetes. The non-Hispanics also suffer from this diseases but the mortality rate is not high. In fact, the Hispanics are 50% more likely to die of diabetes and liver disease than their non-Hispanic counterparts (Goldschmidt, 2015)

The Hispanics are seen to be uninsured therefore they may fail to see a doctor when they are sick and fail to get treatment, this can have adverse effects on one’s health. It is also suspected that healthy immigrants come to the US but when they grow old and fall sick, they return to their countries. Therefore, their death rate and causes of death fail to be captured in heath researches (Goldschmidt, 2015)

How Diversity in Health Care Can Help Bring Better Outcomes

When there is health diversity, it would be possible to provide the Hispanic population with betterhealth care (Healhypeople.gov, 2017). Diversity would also help to understand that Hispanics are not all the same, there are Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans. Understanding this aspect will allow for provision of better care to this population. Understanding the breakdown will significantly help to come up with preventive policies. When measures are taken to lower the risk of diseasesit will be an effective way of providing better heath in future. Diversity will help to understand that Hispanics need to quit smoking, should exercise for 30 minutes daily, drinking be done in moderation, should get vaccinated and screened for hepatitis and observe proper diet (Goldschmidt, 2015) ; by doing so they will be preventing the population from several health risks. 


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