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Healthcare Admission Measures

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Notably, there are various factors that need to be considered for hospital administration. Mostly, in any hospital, when a patient arrives is supposed to report to the hospital admission or registration area where the patient is supposed to complete some paperwork regarding his details and issues them with insurance identification card where applicable. In many cases, patients register some days before admission to facilitate the registration process. The patient receives an identification bracelet including patient's registration details and doctor's name which is placed on patient's wrist. The bracelet is to assist in identification of the patient and the doctor who is to attend to the patient. In essence, the patient is also requested to sign a consent form before any form of procedure or medical care takes place. In a case where the patient is not in a position to sign the consent form, the person assisting the patient signs on behalf. This paper aims at giving a structure measure, outcome and a process measure for the process of admission. Arguably, a good patient admission process should consider various measures to ensure proper admission and a good outcome. 

Structure measure 

The structural measure of healthcare standard gives patients a sense of healthcare provider's capability, system and processes to provide high-quality care. For instance, the structure of admission process will tell the patient whether the healthcare organization uses digital medical records or medication order entry. A structural measure can be used to determine the capability of the facility. One of this structure measures is the number of hours the admission department's computer system is available. For an admission process where the computer system is always available, the process goes fast and therefore admission is efficient (Haux, Winter, Ammenwerth, & Brigl, 2013). This measure does not have any numerator or denominator because the availability of registration computer is an absolute number and hence no numerator or denominator. Notably, if the manager of the hospital registration area wants to gather data to report performance results for this structure measure, the manager should be directed through the logs of a computer downtime maintained by the admission department manager. The information required by the manager should be obtained from the logs. 

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Process measure 

The process of admission measures what the facility does to maintain or improve patient's health condition. The process measures the general recommendation of a health facility. In our case, the patient admission has a good process from the beginning to the end of the admission process. The percentage of patients who arrive at the nursing unit with the identification bracelets on the wrist can be used to measure the process. This process measure is effective as it shows the number of people who have gone through the registration process fully. Considering the number of patients with identification bracelets to be our process measure, the numerator is the number of patients who arrive on the nursing unit with bracelets on their wrist while the denominator is the total number of patients who arrived on the nursing unit. Computation of this sum gives the best measure for the process. If any of the patients who arrived at the nursing units had bracelets on their wrist, then the process would be effective while on the other hand if many arrived at the nursing unit without their bracelets the admission process would be considered a failure as many people skipped the process (Coulter, Locock, Ziebland, & Calabrese, 2014). If the manager of the hospital registration area wants to gather data to report performance results of process measure, then the nursing staff should check for bracelets at the time of admission assessment incident report completed. However, if the bracelets are missing, then the manager should obtain the data from incident reports compiled. The incident report should, however, be considered the last option for data collection. 

Outcome measure 

Outcome measure reflects the impact of the health care intervention or service on the health status of the patient. Using the health internal and external structure measure, admission staff is able to manage the available resources and available physician among patients. The percentage number of patients reportedly satisfied with the admission process can be used as a measure of the outcome. If the percentage of patients satisfied with the whole process is satisfied, then the whole process is considered effective while on the other hand if many are unsatisfied the process is considered a failure. Fewer hours of availability of registration computer may be the key cause of failure of the process. However, where the registration computer is always available, the process will be a successful one. The numerator of this outcome measure is the number of patients who report being satisfied with registration process while the denominator is the number of patients who answer questions about the registration process on the satisfaction survey. Notably, the outcome measure reflects on the results of structure measure and the process measure. Failure of one will lead to a negative outcome measure while the success of all will lead to a positive response and hence success of the whole process. In many cases, process measure affects the results and the overall outcome. However, the results of the process measure are too affected by the structure measure (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). The three measures rely on each other that way with outcome results relying on the other two. In essence, if the manager of the hospital registration area wants to gather data to report performance result for the outcome measure, the satisfaction survey should provide to all patients at the time of discharge and the data obtained through the returned survey. In essence, all the data required by management from outcome measure should be acquired from the response given by patients in the process when they are being discharged. 

To sum up the discussion, health facilities admission considers different factors for proper admission and good outcome. Some measures have to be considered to verify whether the acquired admission procedure is effective or ineffective. The health facility is required to consider structure measure, outcome measures, and process measure. In the structure measure, the hospital should consider the number of hours the hospital admission computer system was available for the service. This measure does not have any numerator or denominator, unlike process and outcome measures. In the process measure, the hospital should consider the percentage of patients who arrive in the nursing unit with bracelets while on the outcome measure the hospital should consider the percentage of patients reported to be satisfied with the process. 


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