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Healthcare Marketing Campaign

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Company Information 

The marketing campaign is about Genentech, Inc. (Genentech), a healthcare organization whose headquarters are based in San Francisco, California. The organization is considered as among one of the world’s leaders when it comes to biotechnology. It avails numerous products in the marketplace while its pipeline of development is promising. Genentech undertakes its operations as a Roche Group’s member. The two, Genentech and Roche merged their pharmaceutical activities within the U.S. (Vault.com Inc, 2018) . The company serves as a specialist in creating biotechnology products, which target treating asthma, cancer, mental and behavioral disorders, vascular and cardiovascular illnesses, metabolism, dermatology, nephrology, endocrinology, neurology, urology, and reproductive disorders. Genentech’s therapeutic areas of emphasis comprise of immunology, oncology, neuroscience, metabolism, and infectious illnesses. The organization also provides a variety of products, which it markets under diverse names, such as Activase, Cathflo, Avastin, Xolair, Rituxan, Pulmozyme, Tarceva, Genentech, Lucentis, Herceptin, TNkase, Raptiva, and Nutropin among others. Recently, the organization embarked on a marketing campaign aimed at availing a new product in the market, while it targeted patients with cancer (Bloomberg, 2018) . The different products it offers reflect its proficiency in the pharmaceutical environment. 


Genentech instituted a campaign referred to as TECENTRIQ, which served as a breakthrough therapy designation for the company. The campaign took place on July 17, 2018. The organization announced to the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) that it realized a breakthrough for TECENTRIQ together with Avastin, which would serve as the initial treatment for individuals having metastatic or advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). This serves as a significantly common type of liver cancer. The organization announced that its designation revolved around data gathered from the Phase lb study, which aimed at evaluating safety together with clinical combination of Avastin and TECENTRIQ. In the campaign, Genentech revealed that HCC serves as an aggressive type of cancer, which lacks sufficient options for treatment, while it serves as major source of deaths associated with cancer globally (Genentech, 2018) . Here, the organization revealed that the preliminary data gathered by merging Avastin and TECENTRIQ for the disease are promising while it anticipates making sure that people are offered access to treatment regimen.

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Target Market 

For the campaign, it mostly targeted men aged over 65 years, since over 74 percent of the reported cases appear among men. Also, in terms of racial distribution, the individuals experiencing the condition include African Americans (14 percent) Hispanics (15 percent), whiles (48 percent), and others (24 percent). The major reason for targeting men is that the situation worsens with age while HCC usually worsens between 70 and 75 years. Nonetheless, young patients also serve as targets. The reason for this is that a large number of them are being affected especially since the demographic is shifting mostly from alcoholic liver illness to the those in their fifth and sixth decades of their lives while facing the repercussions of viral hepatitis B and C. This demographic can be considered as having attained the conditions in their earlier life years because of engaging in risky behaviors. The combination of alcohol and viral hepatitis increase threat of cirrhosis and resultant HCC (Cicalese, 2018) . Thus, the target clients served as mostly older men as well as the younger ones because of their indulgence in risky behaviors. 


The objective of the campaign is to ensure that the target market is aware of the TECENTRIQ and Avastin breakthrough as able to develop medicines that can treat illnesses that threaten their lives while at the same time making sure that individuals would be able to access them once the FDA approves (Genentech, 2018) . In this perspective, therefore, the campaign will play a critical role in terms of allowing individuals suffering from chronic conditions, such as HCC that it is possible for them to get treatment and continue with their normal lives without experiencing the pain and discomfort that the situation brings with it.

Marketing Mix 

For the marketing campaign, it revolves around the 4Ps of marketing, which comprise of product, price, placement, and promotion.


For products availed by the organization, they include those offering solutions for life science, hemostasis and hematology, urinalysis, point of care diagnostics, tissue diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunology.


When it comes to pricing, the organization (Genentech) follows a pricing approach that targets reducing the barriers that hinder individuals from accessing the products and services it offers. For instance, for the poorest regions, it adopts a no-profit pricing (Genentech, 2018) . Also, it makes sure that it supplies the selected drugs at significantly reduced prices in the event of low-income consumers.


In promoting the diverse products it offers, it deploys various promotional approaches, such as public relations via CSR events, personal selling, median relations team, merchandizing, and corporate publications to offer information to the public sector (Genentech, 2018) . In terms of advertising, it uses means, such as web-based advertising via sites such as Facebook, press conferences, and gives message to the society via brand ambassador.


Regarding place, the company makes sure that its products are available in Chemist shops, hospitals, and leading supermarkets in different parts of the world.

Plan’s Effectiveness 

The marketing plan that the company uses is effective. It has been able to ensure that its products access the products and services they require in a timely manner in line with the desired quality. The products are available in different stores close to consumers while the organization has been able to market its products effectively via its diverse channels, thereby allowing it to realize a broader client base in diverse parts of the world.

Recommendation for Additional Marketing Actions 

On the additional marketing actions by the company, they would comprise of the process and physical evidence.

The Process 

The activities that the organization undertakes have minimal impact to the environment. It has a highly dedicated scientific team, which continues researching and advancing its processes to meet the various customer requirements. The products are manufactured in several countries to ensure that regional facilities are able to foster faster distribution.

Physical Evidence 

The firm develops products that are possible to access worldwide. It ensures that users have sufficient information concerning the products by offering user manual and content information. Furthermore, it avails information regarding research and testing certificate identifications in line with guidelines for professionals.


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