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Helping my Daughter’s Summer Basketball Team

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Teamwork is a vital part of success. During my holiday summer, I joined my daughter's basketball team to help them make a perfect shot. The team was more collaborative as every player had a particular function to play and accomplish the task of achieving. Although it might be viewed that only one player succeeded in scoring the basket, but cooperation, coordination, and planning of all players resulted to a particular player to score the ball. The team collaboration and determination saved my time of training and shouting as they were united in accomplishing their goals for a greater achievement. The team had different habits and skills worth to be emulated. This involved group decision-making ability, a healthy respect for diverse opinions, individual preferences, and customs, responsibility, best communication involving receiving and giving, group contribution in any arising issue and working cooperatively. 

Good Collaboration aspects

While acting as a team leader in basketball, I realized that success requires one to know her personal strengths and how it can be useful in the team. The aspects required while working as a team requires one to be reliable for other players to count on her. Act as a community where players strive for a universal purpose. Effective communication is also vital as a player can express her ideas and thoughts directly and clearly having respect to competitors. One should be an active listener in providing constructive feedback and not be defensive or upset. Good collaboration also involved participation as every player’s effort was required for success (Joyce, Berger, & Thomason, 2012). The youths shared information willingly and openly in the group. They were also cooperative as they valued teamwork. They were also flexible in changing directions as per the team’s requirement. Every player was committed, viewed as a problem solver and respectful in treating fellow youths with consideration and courtesy every time.

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Communication in basketball team is crucial regardless the player's role in the team. Teammates should develop trust and converse openly. Honesty is vital to all participants as withholding relevant information might damage the integrity of the team. Sharing information enables total confidence among the players and their coach.

Intelligence and Learning Styles Effect

Learning styles are seen as personal preferences concerning processing and taking in information. Players having diverse learning styles may generate unlike perspectives based on efficient interactive strategy. The main aim of learning style is to influence the collaborative work development (Joyce, Berger, & Thomason, 2012). Team players having mixed styles of learning in the intuitive and reflective dimensions works better compared to players having similar styles of learning.

The essay involved time management in a basketball team that had good collaboration. It was achieved by application of critical collaboration aspects and efficient communication. When the team has different intelligence and learning styles, it was identified that their performance is better than the team players having similar styles. For best success to be attained, team members should avoid time wasters and dedicate themselves to the consistent practice of more discipline and respect. In the end, they will emerge as the best globally.


Joyce, D., Berger, M., & Thomason, N. Q. (2012). University Success (2nd ed.). Phoenix, AZ: Grand Canyon University. 

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