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Home Remodel Project Plan

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Project Overview 

Home remodeling is one of the notable key projects undertake through project management, as a project manager is expected to come up with a clear plan that would help in meeting the expected objectives (Turner, 2014). In this case, the project of focus is home remodeling in which the remodeling process will seek to ensure that indeed the project achieves the intended outcome. The project aims to embark on a home remodeling plan with the focus being towards engaging in notable renovations that will focus on areas that include masonry, electrical, plumbing, and siding among others to match the expected outcome regarding final expectations. The remodeling plan seeks to provide the home with a modern outlook both from the interior and exterior with the view that this would help in not only creating additional spaces but would also assist in promoting comfort.

Grubbauer (2015) takes note of the fact that home remodeling is undertaken for a wide array of reasons including the need to enhance comfort within the home or house environment, as well as, enhance the safety of the structures within the house. Thus, this creates the need for having to undertake the main reasons or factors driving the need for remodeling of a home with the focus being towards ensuring that indeed the remodeling process is conducted effectively. In this case, the remodeling process seeks to focus more on the idea of upgrading the home environment, which would involve having to tearing-off of the roof and replacement, repainting the rooms and walls, and turning some of the marginal areas within the house into livable spaces with an aim of advancing comfort while in the house.

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The home remodeling process will also seek to make several vital repairs within the house as part of ensuring that the house achieves the modern look. The first key area of focus will be on repainting the rooms with new coats of paint with the aim of giving them a new outlook. Repainting is essential when embarking on home remodeling, as this helps in ensuring that the home achieves a new look without having to make significant changes to the walls or other parts of the house (Ragbir & Punb, 2018). The second key area that the home remodeling process will focus on is the plumbing and electrical systems, which are both critical parts of the house and must be maintained on a regular basis. Thus, this means that the repairing of these systems would help in ensuring that indeed the house retains that modern outlook.

On the other hand, the project will also seek to introduce new features that aim to promote safety and preparedness within the house. The crucial first area that the remodeling will focus on is the installation of a fire and burglar alarm system, which is considered as being important in modern homes. The incorporation of this system would help in creating preparedness in cases of fire and burglary, which are common threats. Correctly, the fire system will be connected to the fire sprinkler system, which will be responsible for protecting the house from burning down in the event of a fire. The second key area that the remodeling process will consider is the installation of security doors and windows with the focus being towards minimizing any unwanted entries into the house. The expectation is that this would help in ensuring that the house remains safe for the occupants.

Project Mission Statement and Scope Statement 

Project Mission Statement 

The project mission statement will be:

Creating a home environment that not only builds on comfort but also reflects on safety and preparedness while maintaining simplicity, uniqueness, and sustainability ."

The mission statement seeks to define the overall prospects that the project aims to ensure that it creates comfort for the home occupants. That would mean that the remodeling process will not only focus on the overall expectations of the project manager but will also seek to include ideas and hopes from the occupants, which would help in determining what they would expect from the new home created. Additionally, the mission statement also indicates that the home remodeling process will also seek to establish safety and preparedness within the home while ensuring that the project maintains the highest levels of simplicity, uniqueness, and sustainability.

Scope Statement 

The objective associated with this project is to create a high-quality, safe, and comfortable family home within three months. The project is expected to focus much attention on making necessary changes and renovations that seek to ensure that indeed it can match set out expectations from the home occupants. The remodeling of the home will focus on using sustainably sourced materials to the highest levels possible, as this would help meet the project’s mission, which is to maintain sustainability. The expected cost of the home recommending will be approximately $150,000 taking into account the repairs that will be undertaken, as well as, the cost of labor during the remodeling process.

Project Schedule and Control 

As has been indicated within the previous section, the project will take a maximum period of 3 months during which time the project manager will be expected to make all necessary changes as part of the remodeling process. The sourcing of materials, as well as, preparation of the project plan will take one month, as this will help in ensuring that all the expectations associated with the new project are incorporated. When preparing the project plan, one of the vital expectation is that the project manager will work with the home occupants, as this will help in ensuring that their ideas and expectations are incorporated when making the necessary changes. Thus, this means that the one month period will be devoted to consultations with the home occupants as a way of trying to determine their views on the project, as well as, providing them with a clear plan on how the remodeling process will be undertaken within the remaining months.

The second and third months of the project will involve the actual implementation of the project, as has been prepared within the first month. During this period, the focus will be on trying to create a comprehensive plan on what would be expected as part of the project planning process with the view that this would help towards creating a front through which the project would be able to meet its deliverables. Additionally, this will also be a period of having to make verifications to the changes that have been implemented with the view that this would help avoid unwanted outcomes. The project manager will partner with the National Association of Home Builders for purposes of having to ensure that all the verifications are made in the project to ascertain areas such as safety among others.

On the area of control, the project will on two main controls, which would help in determining its effectiveness regarding expected outcomes. The first control that will be considered in the project is quality control. The focus for quality control is to come up with a creative avenue through which to ensure that indeed every aspect of the project maintains high standards of quality (Abyad, 2016). The expected outcome is that this would serve as a critical framework through which to guarantee positive outcomes on the project. The second control will be on the budget. In this control, the focus is ensuring that the amount of money spent on the project is minimized significantly to match overall expectations from the homeowners (Ravinder & Kollikkathara, 2017).

Project Management Structure and Budget 

The project management structure will focus on a hierarchical approach in which the project manager will be in charge of all activities within the project. Project managers play a critical role in the management processes, as they seek to ensure that indeed the projects that they undertake to achieve their respective outcomes. In this case, the project manager will be involved in the process of having to evaluate every aspect of the home remodeling process to determine whether it can match overall projections. Immediately under the project manager, there will be a supervisor. The leading role of the supervisor will be to supervise every aspect of the project with the view that this would help towards minimizing any instances where specific elements of the project do not conform to the expected outcomes.

Regarding the budget, the entire project is estimated at the cost of approximately $150,000, as has been presented above. In this budget, roughly $80,000 will be used in the purchase of the new systems, as well as, other materials that would be needed as part of the remodeling process. When undertaking a home remodeling, it becomes essential for the project managers involved to come up with a critical plan through which to change specific items within the home as a way of ensuring that the project meets the laid out expectations (Rahman, Shafique, & Rashid, 2018). In this case, the project manager intends to use the funds to purchase new items to match the project mission statement. The remaining amount of money will be used for labor taking into account that the project will involve a labor workforce of approximately six workers working throughout the entire period of the project.

Work Breakdown Structure 

The work breakdown structure for this particular project will focus on several key steps, which would be essential towards determining the intended outcomes in the project. The remodeling process will focus on two principal phases, which are structure and design. In the structure phase, the crucial first area that the project will consider is electrical with the view of having to make the necessary changes to the electrical system in the house in a bid to ensuring that it can accommodate the new changes expected. The second key area of focus will be on plumbing, which will involve having to engage a plumber to help in ensuring that the drainage and water pipe system within the home is well placed and safe for the homeowners.

In the design phase, the crucial first area that the remodeling process will focus on is the cabinetry and masonry, which will focus on making any changes to both wooden and stone structures within the home including having to make necessary changes the general appearance of the home. The project may involve having to shift some of the walls with the aim of creating more space within the home, thus, highlighting the need for having to ensure that indeed masonry is engaged as part of this process. The second area associated with the design phase will be the flooring, which will specifically focus on the floor within the home as part of the remodeling process. After making all the necessary changes to the wooden and stone structures within the house, it would be essential to focus on the floor to ensure that it matches the expected outcomes. The last phase of the project will involve painting of the entire home depending on the color scheme selected by the home occupants.

Risk Management Process 

Risks are key challenges occurring when embarking on projects, thus, highlighting the importance of having to come up with a practical approach to risk management (Bérubé & Gauthier, 2017). In this project, the risk management process will focus on quality validation as a fundamental expectation in ensuring that indeed any underlying risks are eliminated. In quality validation, the critical hope is to come up with an analytical framework through which the project manager would be able to validate all the work done to determine the quality outcomes. The projected focus for this is that it will help create a somewhat effective platform through which to minimize the possibility of risks during and after the project.

Project Communication 

Project communication is a crucial aspect of any given project, as this would create the need for having to come up with a communication strategy that would help in presenting the project effectively (Costa, 2017). In this case, the project communication process will occur in several key stages. The first stage will be in the project planning phase during which time the project manager will be involved in a process meeting with the home occupants to help get their views on specific aspects of the project. The second stage of the project communication process will focus occur as part of reports that will be prepared at different phases of the project. The reports will seek to highlight the progress that has been made thus far, as well as, highlighting the expected milestones that the project will seek to meet within a given timeline.

Project Closure 

Project closure refers to the process of handing over the completed project has met all the basic expectations, goals, and objectives (Schmitz, 2018). In this case, the project manager will be involved in the process of having to prepare a complete report focusing on the project outcomes, time of completion, and any areas that the project may not have covered. The usage of the comprehensive report will be seen as key in ensuring that indeed the project manager can engage in project closure while providing leeway for verification. The home occupants may seek to engage in a verification process with the focus being towards determining whether the project has been able to meet their expected objectives. If the home occupants may have discrepancies, it is within the expectation of the project manager to handle the issues indicated before the actual closure of the project.


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