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Why Pinkberry should focus on making orange and yellow the two prevailing colours

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The fact that Pinkberry has evolved from a storefront to a nationally recognized brand makes this franchise of frozen dessert yogurt shops an example to be followed. Yes, the personality of a brand created a platform for Pinkberry to grow into a big business. At the same time, however, it would be reasonable to indicate that there is always room for improvement; hence, I would recommend senior executives to launch the campaign aimed at updating the personality of a brand; markedly, this could reinvigorate the company. From my perspective, it would be wise to give the brand a little bit friendlier face. Much emphasis has been placed upon the use of light colours; nevertheless, the brand personality can still be warmer to make the clientele see the product under a clearer light. In sum, I suggest that Pinkerberry’s face should be slightly modified and the focus is to make orange and yellow the two prevailing colours. 

In business, special attention must be given to defining a target market, “ buyers sharing commo n needs/characteristics” (Kampamba, 2015, p. 325). All things considered, Pinkberry should not only be oriented towards its target customers of 25-35 years old. It is fitting to note that the company’s distinct product, customer service, and loyalty program constituted a “brand of all ages”. Therefore, attracting both children and older target audience, as well as people in the 25-35 age group, would definitely make sense. 

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In regard to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it represents a motivational theory “ comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid” (McLeod, 2018) . The needs can be categorized into the following levels: 

Physiological needs (biological requirements for people’s survival); 

Safety needs (protection from natural disasters, order, security); 

Belonging and love needs (incorporate feelings of belongingness); 

Esteem needs (involve prestige and feeling of achievement); 

Self-actualization (pertains to understanding personal potential). 

Of all the hierarchical levels, self-actualization describes me the most when making purchases. I always take self-actualization needs first when purchasing something. Certainly, this helps me expand and fulfil my real potential. For example, I bought Acer’s new Swift 5 in order to keep pace with technological developments and broaden my perspectives. 

By immersing into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it comes to light that the theory gives the chance to expand the insight into the fundamental flaw of human rationality. Through the prism of beliefs proposed by Abraham Maslow, one can see how devastatingly damaging European Americans used to be towards the human self needs of the African American. In reality, European Americans were ultimately intended to change their human advantages and trade them in for other human characteristics strongly associated with members of the European race, the so-called ‘most superior beings’ when it comes to the environment as an example. 

The lack of self-realization and self-actualization contributes negatively to the process of forming people’s identity. For example, being unaware of one’s own potential and/or abilities is what may subject an individual to an extremely self harmful position. In the history of human societies, a human being was seen mutilating a truly vital constituent of the body image, such as the natural pigmentation. This would never be the case, with the hair quality or skin colour unless the African Americans have been hoodwinked; true be told, Europeans bear entire responsibility for the damages they caused to the African American brain. The Europeans, albeit, have a vested interest in manipulating them. The whites sought to inculcate in African Americans a strong desire to emulate them, which actually worked throughout the era of slavery. Sooner or later, however, erroneous sets of beliefs nourished by the Europeans will come to an end. After a thorough consideration, I am firmly minded to claim that the ignorances spread by Caucasoids worldwide will become a thing of a past; to put the matter differently, American society is at the critical moment in the history, the time when the nation approached the need to claim that white supremacy is not only social evil but moral wrong. 


Kampamba, J. (2015). An Analysis of the Potential Target Market through the Application of the STP Principle/Model. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(4), 324-340 . 

McLeod, S. (2018). Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. SimplyPsychology . Retrieved from https://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html 

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