13 Jan 2023


How Marketing Professionals Can Improve Supply Chain Decisions

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The supply chain is as important as any other operation within the company. It acts as the backbone of any company, and it either shows its strength or weakness since it is a department concerned with the procurement of goods and services. It also handles delivery to and returns from consumers ( Gomes, Sousa & Vendrell-Herrero , 2019). Marketing managers are responsible for forecasting customer demand, especially when managing incoming and outgoing products, schedule production activities, and completing logistic needs as far as customer orders are concerned. 

Goods and services that are sometimes sourced from foreign countries are of low quality because of ethical and moral standards from the suppliers. For this reason, marketers should create a clear concept or ways of managing risk in the supply chain. According to Gomes et al. (2019), the functions of marketers in the supply chain process ensure that there is low wastage of resources. The customers also are protected from unsafe or tainted projects that may deteriorate their well-being. 

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Marketing Research Resources in Small Companies 

When it comes to marketing research resources, small businesses are more disadvantaged as compared to large companies. It is because of their budgets, which are lesser than those of more established ones. Even though this has been the point of view for the longest time now, the levels of modernization in the current world have made smaller companies get access to most of the resources (Gomes et al., 2019). Because of this, they utilize the available resources, and so, the gaps get minimized with time. 

Both large and small firms often get other forms of resources for free. Demographic and statistic data are sufficiently available throughout the internet. Online sources such as Demographic Data by zip code and Bureau of Labor Statistics are freely available for the firms. Also, companies put up their research reports online, which can easily be accessed via Google (Gomes et al., 2019). Customer surveys, feedback, and ratings can be a good source within small firms, especially when collecting critical information. Therefore, the size of the company is not a matter of concern when a business is about to research the industry's emerging trends. 


Gomes, E., Sousa, C., & Vendrell-Herrero, F. (2019). International marketing agility.  International Marketing Review

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