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How personal mission statement can help you set boundaries and make difficult decisions

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My mission statement in life is to embrace something larger than myself, continually enhance my skills, and motivate others to attain great things and make the world a better place. A personal mission statement is useful in setting boundaries and helps in making difficult decisions. Having a mission statement is the start of living it. Before developing my mission statement, I took a long time mulling over it. Therefore, it is a result of many years of learning, prayer, and experience. I believe that this personal statement captures my values and objectives in life. For most people, pursuing selfish personal objectives is their ultimate goal in life. Though attaining our success is essential, I believe that there is something bigger than ourselves in life. By embracing a course that is larger than myself, I would be able to pursue something that can make a positive difference in other people’s life. There will always be challenges in this world, and it requires selfless individuals to help solve them. However, I cannot attain this goal in life without the requisite skills. It leads to my related mission of constantly enhancing my skills to be able to motivate others to follow their goals. 

Most successful people in any facet of life have a mission statement that guides them, and in most cases, the mission statements are simple and easy to remember. I believe that my mission statement is also simple and demonstrates how a humble individual can leave his mark in this world. It underlines my guiding principles, such as the things that are important, my destination in life and vision of “the best,” how I want to behave, and the legacy I seek to leave behind. Legacy plays an important role in my life as it helps to define the path towards a meaningful life. To fully contemplate the purpose of life, the personal mission statement helps to define one’s goals in life as they relate their experiences and understanding of life itself. Thus I uphold my personal mission statement as the compass that help to navigate life in a way that fulfills me and generate happiness. 

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As aforementioned, I strongly value spirituality which is a core tenet of my well-being and helps to connect with God. For as long as I can remember, God has been a very important part of life because of the various forms of knowledge and understanding that I derive from the Bible teachings. The spiritual paradigm of my life is a crucial component of who I am and how I live my life. In most cases, my identity and understanding of the world rely on religion as a principle guide of my life. More so, it is the source of my inspiration to pervasively transcend to a higher state of consciousness regarding the sanctity of life and the underlying sacred nature of it. In part, my mission statement is, by extension, a reflection of my spiritual consciousness of life as a gift from God and therefore, should regard it as Sacred. In more explicit words, it is a priceless treasure that should be utilized for the very purpose it was intended, a goal that is unachievable without for guiding mantra that stipulates my values, dreams, and beliefs of how I should conduct myself. 

Harmony with others also forms part of my mission in life-based on understanding the value of others towards attaining personal growth. While conflicts must arise from time to time due to factors such as the difference in opinion and varying understanding of particular matters in life, it remains a noble mission to ensure that I co-exist with others. Thus to achieve this goal, I exercise respect when dealing with other people at all times. Respect is the oldest attribute that minimizes conflicts between individuals because it expresses a form of a genuine relationship with other people (Cheung & Gardner, 2016). Subsequently, this allows other people to learn from each other and ensure socialization based on the principle of mutual understanding. Whether professionally or in my private life, respect remains a core tenet of my mission when relating to others. Accepting people for who they are is the first step towards respecting them. Being an open minded person, I am not quick to judge a person regardless of their skin color, their dress code, their height or their gender. I believe that it is by being different that the world becomes an interesting place. It is therefore very important that we embrace diversity for it is the only sure way of living in harmony with others. 

The pursuit of wealth and financial freedom in conformity with the established laws and regulations of society is the other element of my mission in life. To live a life of meaning, one must value the financial dimension is very imminent because it accords people the means to actualize their dreams and meet their daily needs. As such, it is part of the ultimate goal, which justifies the efforts to acquire the prerequisite skills and knowledge through learning necessary to earn a living. Understandably, wealth remains man’s most crucial material asset in life due to its role in accomplishing various tasks (Steptoe & Wardle, 2017). Thus, financial freedom represents the gains of one’s efforts in life; that is why it remains an integral part of my mission statement. Through my acquired wealth, I believe most of my other intended undertakings will materialize with ease. In its absence, man is left to suffering and poverty caused by the destituteness therein. 

My career features dominantly in my mission statement because it is the very means through which I utilize my skills, talents, and gifts towards personal and collective gain in the world. For most accomplished individuals who have made significant contributions in the world, they exhibit a deep commitment to what they do because it is the channel through which they make their contributions to the world (Tasnim & Singh, 2016). To me, it is very noble because it helps to define the role that I play in the larger spectrum of society. More so, it is the foundation of how I earn a living, thus observing the highest level of discipline and commitment is very important to me. Unwavering commitment is a valuable asset to an individual because it helps to harness one’s skills and expertise in their field, which translates to greater performance. 

The family remains a very invaluable social unit because of the role that it plays towards enhancing individual understanding of how to relate with others. For me, familial obligations are a vital aspect of who I am and, in broad, gives a sense of belonging in the world. In line with my faith and personal beliefs, the family is the single most important social unit that drives me towards perfection and pursuit of individual dreams. To some extent, I regard it as an influential institution from which I derive inspiration to be the best version of myself and actualize the very things that I believe motivate a man. The dynamics of family weave a special bond that helps to build an intrinsic value of respect for others and appreciate diversity both, which are critical elements of success (Debicki et al., 2016). Understanding how to relate with others is the first step of success in life, which is the primary objective of the personal mission statement. 

Mental fortitude and pursuit of wisdom of life forms an important part of the personal mission statement because of the fundamental role that it plays in molding my personal character. Whilst wisdom is a very broad concept; it is a very key part of how one understands their actions in life. Most importantly, wisdom helps to build one’s mental fortitude that, in turn, influences the level of emotional intelligence that one exhibit in their day to day life. According to the most successful people, knowledge without wisdom has minimal value (Beaumont, 2017). In my understanding, wisdom helps to build one character, which is also an essential part of the way one achieves their ambitions in life. Living a life of meaning and purpose demands that one masters the fundamental principle of how the world works in the context of personal character and positive behavior that is detrimental to one’s life. In my view, pursuit wisdom is the binding element of my statement because it helps to create a special connection with each of them because of understanding their role in accomplishing them. 

To conclude, as the above description indicates, my mission statement incorporates a multidimensional paradigm because I believe life is larger than ourselves. Thus, one must embrace a personal statement that accommodates the prerequisite attributes essential to living it in a meaningful way and achieve one’s goals and ambitions in life. More importantly, build an understanding of the meaning of what life expects to unlock its gifts and be able to live and relate with other people well. 


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