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How To Avoid Personal Bias And Experiences In Your Writing

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My decision to offset the prejudice that I had over Muslim adherents and Islam as a religion was one that I arrived to after my decision that I took to bond with the Muslims and truly understand them. I believed that there is an importance of getting involved in other people's culture to understand the positive and positive ideas of the people. After adequate interaction with the Muslims and understanding their perceptions and doctrines, I learned from a first-hand knowledge that was adequately constructed on the true Muslim ethics. First, I discovered my mistake of generalizing every Muslim to be the wrong people. I got over the fallacy of relying on the ideals that were spread at a pedestrian level of reasoning. The robust and vast communication together with ties that I established made me promote the fact that, not all Muslims were terrorists, besides the foundations of the Muslim faith rebukes the cowardice act of terrorism. In the long run, I started being positive about Muslims, and I am so attached to my Muslim friends whom we frequently celebrate with during major Muslim holidays. My buyers had to lessen to a great extent. 

After the assurance about the Muslims, I have established the feeling of being a special person who is loved across all divides of major religions. My sense of comfort has been attributed to the fairness that the Muslim religion loves everybody. In most cases, it is rare t experience discrimination from people who practice the Muslim religion. They acknowledge the differences in cultural and religious practice giving them an opportunity to freely interact with people from other regions. Indeed, this made me feel the positive self-worth of being better placed as an individual who is in a position to stop unnecessary conflicts founded on religious matters. Besides, I have come to appreciate the Muslims as if they are significant aspects of the Christian doctrines of Muslims, and this has made me uphold them with dignity. The thought of the souls that have perished through suicide bombings took a fresh turn on the method I used to support that was used to combat the issue, and this included militarization. This thought has been replaced by the new aspects that I have discovered about real Muslims. In my current life, I am very comfortable with Muslims. 

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As to my comfort with Muslims, I think the friend effect enhanced my relationship, thoughts and feeling about Muslims from a contrary stance to a positive attitude.previously, I had a negative though about the Muslim culture and I criticized everything that they practiced. Through experience, I got used to their culture and changed my notion about their Islam.The motivation that I had to step out of my comfort zone away from my prejudice thoughts enabled me to learn about the culture of Islam and the subculture of the Muslims. Just from the little exposure I had when I went through the experience of interacting with Muslim colleagues proved meaningful after I learned about the significant worth of Islam as a religion and Muslims as peaceful people. First, I was unable to initiate a relationship, then better, I developed friends with the Muslims, and this was worthwhile in helping me to improve the portrayals of the Muslims. I had more positive depictions of them, and I am sure, the relationship played a big part in my life. 

As an educator, Aziz& Burress, (2016) state that I have to ensure that harmony gets enhanced to evert the negative emotions that exist towards the Muslims. The negative emotions are tied to perceptions people have that Muslims are aggressive. Indeed, this tension has led to the increased support for military and civil actions towards the Muslim states. My first obligation is, therefore, to transfer my knowledge and understanding about Islam. Indeed, this is set to counter the negative discourse while promoting the notion that the Muslims also live in Islam as their faith while they serve a just and merciful God. It is important to point out to the public that Islam promotes faith, peace and charity acts that are visible through their continued concerns for the poor, vulnerable, travelers, and the elderly (Aziz& Burress, 2016). Besides it will be significant to state that the Muslims also extend their alms to their non-Muslim neighbors and this makes the ideals of the adherents to be aligned to the American Constitution and core values as a significant culture. The social welfare of Islam regarding meeting the basic needs of food, the provision of health care, clothing, financial resources, and education makes the religion fit into the wishes of American patriots and founders. 

Today, the media has succeeded in enhancing the negative attitude that people have towards Islam; hence the US and the globe have developed strategic policies that monitor the Muslims without their consent, and further, Muslim refugees have been banned, and the ability of the Muslims to vote in America has been thwarted. These actions show that Muslims experience highest level of discrimination and prejudice especially in America. It is, therefore, my role as education to promote the building of friendships through educating the public the facts of Islam, while building friendships aimed at reducing the adverse effect of the prejudice people have towards Islam, through promoting more positive depictions (Aziz& Burress, 2016). Besides, I would teach the public the significance of participating in the Islam festivals and holidays as a way of ensuring that locals exchange their values during happy moments. Indeed, this will ensure that more recipients of positive information about Islam increase while the prejudice against Islam reduces. 


Aziz, S., & Burress, C. (2016). Books Focused on Muslims and Islam in the United States (1970-2015)(Bibliography). 

Islam, M. (2017). Loosening Our Tongues: Toward a Critical Race Practice in Fiction Writing Workshops. Pedagogy, 17(2), 289-319. 

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