17 Nov 2022


How to Balance Local Standardized Products Globally

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The balancing of the standard of local products globally means refining the products in the market to stand out among other products in the market under the same category, to make it more preferred by the consumers make choices at ease. This process has been faced by challenges as the producer must conduct a well-informed survey to clearly understand the preferences of the target population so that they can make the necessary adjustments appropriately. People from different geographical location poses varied taste for same product thus the necessity of understanding the areas which need to be adjusted for the product to stand out and be able to attain a competitive advantage against their competitors. 

I order for a company to enter a global market, it has to have a strategic plan to help its products be acceptable and be able to compete with other global products. Comprehensive strategies are important to the company because it improves the sales of the products which mean an addition to the income and gross profit ( Lasserre, 2012). The company gets known globally as well attaining a global recognition which leads to consumer satisfaction. This includes creating a marketing plan in which you clearly define the course of the implementation of the strategy plan. The use of the modern advertisement channels, as well as offering discounts on a certain amount of sales made, would attract new customers who would be willing to buy your products and giving it a try ( Gillespie & Hennessey, 2010). Placing ads on internet and having potential clients click on your ad would be an appropriate way of determining the traffic your ad has created thus, one can be able to plan the next move. 

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Cultural differences are among the factors that limit the spread of the use of certain products in the market. This is because of the language barrier that may occur between the producer and the consumers. Communication is one of the most important aspects of doing business. For an enterprise that plans to go global, the management has to think and plan for a way of dealing with this vice. This also goes in hand with the cultural practices and beliefs of different people residing in different regions around the globe (Mooij, 2013). In addressing this problem, most companies consider hiring locals to run their business is in the respective countries. In this situation, it would be easier for a local to buy from one of their own, compared to a stranger, who on the other hand has a communication problem due to different languages, On the other hand, some entrepreneurs may opt to franchise their businesses. 

In my views, I would suggest the use of more interactive ads on the internet, that would have the products and services seen, while people browse through the preferred websites. This will lead to more people seeing the ad, and they may be interested in buying and using them. In the current world, the use of internet has become widely preferred and used due to its inconvenience, so by placing an ad on the internet, would serve a good purpose in publicising the products. Also, by giving your clients good services, offering quality products and giving out discounts, would possibly increase the buyers, if for instance, a person who gets a good service at your store, would refer a family member or a friend, which would create the web and have a good flow of customers. 


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