29 Aug 2022


How to Do a Personal SWOT Analysis

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Identifying strengths and weaknesses in any area of specialization is one of the most important and beneficial things. That said, the values that I presently have were triggered by the love and passion that I had towards ethics. They developed since my debut in this course and have since been a pillar in my academic endeavors. As that goes by, the one value that I strongly desire and hope that it will not change is the Respect for others. Demonstrating respect for the human dignity, sovereignty, confidentiality, and interests remains to be the most important thing. This helps in appreciating individuals regardless of their race, sex, and even origin. 

In all my undertakings in this course, I anticipate for lots of change especially in polishing up some of my most underrated values and skills specifically on team work and public relations. Additionally, due to the much criticisms that have been tabled with regard to my arguments in writing, that am usually vague and confined to arguing rather than persuading, am looking forward to enhancing the art of discourse and argumentative writing. 

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To improve on my writing skills, I will construct and seclude a writing schedule, start mastering different mini-skills, practice on specific writing skills, develop adhesive writing habits, find inspiration from others and believe in myself. On my reading skills, the activities that I found most effective constituted the personalization of text, incorporation of more sense, comprehension of themes, and setting reading goals. Despite my deprived reading and writing skills, I am much fascinated and attracted towards reading and writing inspirational materials. The reason behind this is because of the much desire I have for my success and for the realization of others. Nonetheless, I dislike reading and writing long pieces and technical materials, this is triggered by the fact that am much selfish with my time and I also fear brain tasking myself. 

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