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How to Evaluate a Credit Card

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Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card is the card I would apply for because of its numerous advantageous features. Firstly, the 5% bonus cash back offered in quarterly categories which are given up to a quarterly maximum upon signing up is lucrative. Contrary to the signing bonus offered by most of the other cards, Discover it doubles the cash back earned during the first year of card membership to new card members ("Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Review: Is It A Good Value?", 2019). This feature makes it an excellent card for the first year of its ownership. 

Secondly, besides being a non-annual fee rewards credit card, striking to the 5% cash back calendar makes Discover it card more valuable. This applies when the purchases of a cardholder line up with the categories listed each quarter by the company, guaranteeing a total of 5% cash back on the initial $1,500 spent at the categories retailers on a quarterly basis. This means potentially saving $75 on each quarter ("Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Review: Is It A Good Value?", 2019). 

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Also, users of Discover it® card earn a cashback of 1% to 5% on all purchases made. 5% is earned on select bonus categories up to a period of three months, and all other expenses are rewarded with a 1% cashback that is unlimited. Additionally, application of a new card member guarantees doubling all the cashback earned at the end of the initial year ("Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Review: Is It A Good Value?", 2019). Other advantages that come with choosing this card include the never expiring rewards and hence any cash back can be redeemed at any time. The rewards can also be used at Amazon.com checkout, and further comes with free monitoring of many risky websites upon signing up. Lastly, the fact that Discover cards have their own processing network means that they are not accepted widely as with other leading competitors such as American Express. This feature makes Discover it® a great supplemental credit card. 


Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Review: Is It A Good Value?. (2019). Retrieved from 


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