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How to Spend Less at the Grocery Store

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Spending at the Grocery Store 

Grocery stores are well known for their retailing capabilities and primarily indulge in the selling of food in bulk. In our modern society, the retailing process has advanced, and consumers need not shop physically, but can also order food online from the comfort of their home. However, even with some unmatched advantages often than not do customers complain of not having the full worth of their money. This has led to consumers such as Hey to opt for alternative measures by indulging in subsistence farming in his garden. Since he is new to the industry of farming, he must consider several factors that must be implemented to his garden to ensure he obtains a healthy and good harvest of yields for sustenance.

Hey, should plant his crop in a place where they receive direct sunlight. His plants would require daily exposure to sunlight for a minimum of six-hour per day. Sunlight is paramount for the photosynthesis process (Belk & Meier, 2013). The more the sunlight they get, the faster the growth rate, which would translate, to greater harvest full of the right nutrients. The farmer should also consider electing his garden in a place with good soil, which is rich in nutrients. Since plant roots require easy penetration into soft soil, the farmer should opt for loamy soil. Moreover, the soil should be enriched with composite to provide the crops with the needed nutrients. Intercropping of non-leguminous plants with leguminous plants would be paramount in mutual benefit between the crops (Belk & Meier, 2013).

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Leguminous plants are known for their ability to conduct nitrogen fixation into the soil that would help the non-leguminous obtain nitrogen from the soil (Majda, 2014). On the other hand, leguminous plants are well known for their short heights and would thus benefit protection from too much sunlight from the taller nonluminous plants. Loamy soil would also enhance proper drainage preventing water from neither collecting on top nor draining away too quickly. The crops should also be spaced properly to avoid overshadowing shorter vegetation. Plants that are set too close to one another compete for nutrition, water, and sunlight and may give poor yield or fail to mature (Belk & Meier, 2013).

In conclusion, to provide his family with enough amount and healthy food, they should observe proper farming practices in his small farm. Such methods include: ensuring the soil is well aerated, crops get the right amount of sunlight, they are properly spaced, planted in soil rich in nutrients and correctly intercropped to enhance the mutual benefits between the plants. This project would be a little bit expensive at first, but in the end, he would get the worth of his money.


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