29 Aug 2022


How to Understand Your Strengths and Utilize Them to Realize Career Growth

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Strengths are the unique qualities that always pushes an individual towards reaching some set of a target. Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses can always provide a significant opportunity to develop. Some of the top five strengths include positivity, consistency, empathy, self-assurance and learner. 

My signature theme number one was striving. Striving themes explain and identify what pushes a person to work hard towards the realization of the targeted results. Once I have set a goal that I want to accomplish, the striving theme pushed me and motivated me to work hard and reach that goal. It is an inner drive that creates motivation and the urge to keep working towards a set objective. 

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The listed top five strengths significantly relate to the career health administration. Positivity as a strength involves maintaining an optimistic attitude in a profession or at an individual level. An optimistic attitude is vital in the health administration as it provides the morale and the push to keep the work going. The strength finder theme of consistency involves the desire to see people being treated fairly and without any injustices. This is critical in the health administration where fairness should be at the top. Empathy, on the other hand, involves the ability to sense the emotions of others. In the health administration, this strength is essential where the nurse is required to show empathy to the patients. Self-assurance is the ability of an individual to show self-confidence and believe in her abilities. This is a strength that is useful in the health administration where the nurses are required to believe in their abilities to offer the best care. Learner strength also relates to the health administration where the nurses are required to learn and grow continuously. 

The strength I most want to develop is empathy. I can do this by continually training myself to understand the emotions of others while at the same time discussing with them what they feel. Associating with people and sharing will increase my ability to understand their emotions. 

In the boat details, rudder which gives the boat direction is related to positivity strength. My strength in being positive always give me direction. Oars which moves the boat forward through efforts can be equated to learner strength. I always take efforts to learn new things, and this moves me forward. Self-assurance takes the center of me and has the most significant impact on my thoughts and actions just like the hull in the boat. The strength of consistency moves me forward effortlessly as in the sail part of the boat. Lastly, what grounds me is the ability to show empathy for others as in the anchor part of the boat. 

In conclusion, it is essential that an individual understand the strength and utilize them to realize career growth. The top five strengths are essential in the development of an individual as well as career growth. When linked with the details of the boat, these strengths emerge to control the way a person operates in everyday activities. 

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