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How to Write a Performance Appraisal

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The effect that performance appraisals have on the performance of medical practitioners is underrated. Discussions reviewing the quality of work done within a period can influence the perceptions of competency that employees have and affect turnover rates. Appraisals examine the underlying characteristics leading to specific desired results (McClelland & Boyatzis, 1982). In healthcare, service charters follow the evidence-based practice and significantly contributes to the appraisal process (Melnyk, Gallagher‐Ford, Long, & Fineout‐Overholt, 2014).

In the case of Julie who is a nurse and specialist in cardiology, the hours required to perfect service delivery are numerous. As such, a variety of factors could potentially lead to the criticism pointing out instances of burn out and communication with apprentices in her workplace. Some of the essential steps that she can identify in anticipation of the appraisal meeting are formal expectations and goals provided at the onset of the calendar year. This will provide data on the reflections that management may have in the administration on a weekly or monthly basis. Evaluation of the performance expected against actual results can assist employees in identifying challenges and strengths that contributed to the performance for each quarter.

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That could include staffing levels, affecting service delivery times and team setups that may require modification going forward. Healthcare is a labor-intensive sector that often needs diverse skill sets for each project or activities set within a day. Customer support for each patient often prompts management to identify gaps in capacity and result in training program establishment. Actual results are complex and require systematic planning. Budgeting is at the core of performance appraisal. As such, Julia should identify the leadership motivations to enhance performance for long-term success.


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