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How to write a scene that fills in the background knowledge of character

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Throughout my childhood, I developed the interest in adventure stories; therefore, the mention of a strange house aroused my curiosity to visit the house without my family's knowledge as my father was repairing our car. Walking through the enchanted stillness, I spotted a quaint old farmhouse that was embowered in a white lilac, and nicely bordered by an orchard of antique apple trees. The orchard from my views had some aspects of the solemnity of those old religious groves that were dedicated to a particular strange worship of the sylvan gods. The old house was the dwelling of solitude. I slowly lifted the latch of the green gate and then walked across a thicket of forgotten grass to a veranda festooned with wisteria. I raised myself to the window and peeped inside the house, and my eyes sported solitude sitting by an old piano. 

I noticed that the house was empty and deserted. I went to the back of the houses where I saw, old barns and stables lean together as if they were falling asleep. As I was still assessing the compound at the back, I found one broken pane and immediately climbed in walking through the echoing room. The inside of the house was lonely, cold, stuffy and cobwebs were almost everywhere from the flow, ceilings to the furniture. One of the tiny rooms interested me the most. The room was painted white, and the red roses on the window were in bud. Inside the little bedroom, a small bookcase caught my eyes with a peculiar sympathy, about thirty volumes. It wore the same forgotten appearance and lay like a type of memorial charm upon everything in the old house. Everything seemed forgotten but appeared curiously and religiously remembered. 

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As I took the books one after the other, once or twice flowers fell out from the pages and noticed frail markings. I found myself loving the sad, old, and silent house. I banged the gate and proceeded to the road to look for someone to enquire whether the house can be rented for the summer. As I was walking through the thicket in search of any living soul around, I noticed at a distance, my families where I had left them but unfortunately my mother had seen me, so I had to join them and cut short my adventure. The element of the author's style that the story has emulated is the theme of family. The story contains aspects of dysfunctional family and how some members get on each other's nerve. In this case, one of the children became mischievous to fulfill his curiosity by visiting the mysterious house without the knowledge of his parents. He can be considered as a hot-headed and annoying kid because his disappearance got his parents very worried. I chose to write the specific "fill in" scene to extend the story to the mysterious houses that grandmother had mentioned and promised to take the children. 

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