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Impact of Culture on EpiPen

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The article discusses the cultural issue related to the shortage and overpricing of EpiPen in most US pharmacies. The article revolves around the case of Abby Doherty, a 33-year-old woman who was rushed to the Accidents and Emergency department after suffering a severe allergic reaction -anaphylaxis ( Rachel, 2018) . Allergy reaction is dangerous, and if not controlled within a few minutes, chances of getting a cardiac arrest and dying are high. Patient with this kind of allergy requires an immediate issuance of a shot of the hormone adrenaline, which is essential for reversing the allergy reaction. Clinicians advise individuals who are allergic always to carry EpiPen -preloaded syringes ( Adams et al., 2014) , which give a quick shot of adrenaline to stop an anaphylactic reaction. When Abby went to the hospital pharmacy to get EpiPen, she was told they were not available. After a frequent visit to the pharmacy, she managed to get an EpiPen junior, which contains only 0.15 mg of adrenaline, which half the dose given to adults ( Rachel, 2018)

The culture revolving around pharmaceutical treatment using EpiPen is overpricing, under prescribing, and the shortage of this essential medicine. Companies that produce EpiPen are few, and they limit their production, making it impossible for every chemist to have access. Due to the shortage, clinicians usually prescribe EpiPen, where they prescribe two instead of the required number of three. According to Adams et al. (2014), there is a need to put regulation governing the production, prescription, and sale of EpiPen to make them affordable and available to every person. Even where a doctor prescribes three, most pharmacists limit the purchase to only two. Despite being an essential medicine for treating severe cases of an allergy reaction, producers like Mylan do not make such information known to the public since they in business to make money ( Rachel, 2018) . The cost of such essential medicine needs to be regulated to make it affordable to all patients from the lower class. 

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Rachel, R. (2018). Living in fear, the allergy patients told by chemists: sorry we've run out of EpiPens.  Daily Mail , 1-4. Retrieved 19 February 2020, from. 

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