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Infection Control and Prevention: Response to Basic Health Problems

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A therapeutic relationship with a patient is essential to the plan of care outcome. The understanding of the diagnosis as a viral infection equips a nurse with precautionary steps to prevent spread and re-infection. Hand hygiene is critical in offering care to this child. Hands have to be washed before having direct contacts with the patient, and before putting on sterile gloves. If contact is made with the child's skin, body fluids, or after removing gloves, hands must be washed with alcohol-based hand cleaners (Treas, & Wilkinson, 2014). For droplets, the equipment to use is a mask, gown, and gloves. A minimum of fifteen seconds should be given to hand washing.

One nursing diagnosis chosen is social isolation. This approach is difficult especially for children because their social life is disrupted in some ways. The child may feel depressed and lonely, so it is proper to address this issue with parents or another caregiver (Pillitteri, 2014). The first intervention is to make an assessment of the accompanying pain. The second will be to maintain ordered isolation methods. Lastly, it is to teach and reassure concerning the child's confinement.

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One of the infection’s presentations is body aches which can be discomforting to a child at that age. So, the pain will naturally interfere with every respiratory effect made by the child. The interference will decrease effort and pulmonary excursion which in turn will reduce perfusion and ventilation. This intervention will allow for analgesia that will help reduce the pain and improve respiratory efforts (Kee, Hayes & McCuistion, 2015). Ordered isolation is critical to the prevention of cross contamination. Also, the possibility of pathogenic exposure is highly reduced in required isolation. The goal will be to contain and manage the patient in an atmosphere with positive air pressure flow. The third intervention connects to the second. Knowledge empowers people. Therefore, teaching the patient regarding isolation will help in eliminating fear and enhancing adherence to techniques. If the methods illustrated are understood, the goal of separation will be achieved, and there will be no cross contamination. Moreover, any anxiety will be handled in the treatment interventions. In the event of feelings of loneliness, other therapeutic interventions will be appropriately introduced.


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