18 Nov 2022


Integrity: The Ethical Issue

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The case study presented above entails an ethical issue. In a bid to save the company from its losses and poor sales, and save Robert’s job, Marty takes matters into his own hands. Marty wants to transfer Robert into the account, who will take part in writing an anniversary sales order from Quality retail, who buys big orders for the company quarterly. However, Marty has informed neither his manager nor the company about the made up sales account, since he wants aims to secure the jobs of his subordinates (Meglion, 2017). Despite his positive motive, such a move will position the company in a tough situation, where instead of addressing the present situation, Marty uses a future improbably situation to solve his dilemma. That’s way, he postpones the challenge they are facing, which could worsen incase the Quality Retail does not perform. Furthermore, such a move does is short-term oriented since it does not consider future sales endeavors. Meglion warns against such attempts arguing that such concerns usually lead to legal concerns, which further affect company’s credibility. 

Therefore, instead of covering up for present conditions, Marty could address the business concerns to his subordinates, clearly stating how Robert’s condition is also affecting the company’s progress. Such will enable them to come up with strategies that are more long-term oriented. Additionally, in place of training on sexual harassment, Marty can organize for sales training as a way of educating his staff on new sales idea. In addition, as Robert is a passionate sales person despite his condition, they could renegotiate salary terms as per the present and while coming up with better methods for improving sales (Meglion, 2017). Hence, Marty should forge the attempt to position Robert in the account seat that he deeply disdain and reconsider forging a sale with Quality Retail supply since it is a short-term plan and a matter of lack of integrity for the business operations. 

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Meglion Francesca. (2017). Four Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing. Monster.com 

Retrieved from https://www.monster.com 

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