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Issues Affecting Healthcare Systems

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One of the most pertinent issues that are vaguely addressed in most of the American health policies is the doctor shortage. As of now, the American health system is in a dire need of nearly a hundred thousand doctors to stabilize the treatment flow within the hospitals. There have been major protests on the lack of adequate physicians in hospitals. However, these efforts have gone in vain because some critics assume that the main problem in the medical system is not the supply of doctors (Phillips Jr, 2014) . Most researchers believe that with the success of affordable health care act more people can afford quality health care. This means that the number of patients has significantly increased. More importantly, in the near future, there will be an influx of patients with new cases of infections, this is people from a poor background who could not afford Medicare services (Fodeman, 2015) .

An amicable solution will be increasing the aptitude of the currently limited residency program, such that the physician training program will produce more physicians. This is only possible through the enactment of a bill recommending expansion of the program, meaning legal representative will present the bill to Congress (Fodeman, 2015) . This approach can work if individual states governments coordinate to the expansion with regards to their demographic composition. In the next two decades, the population of people above the ages of 65 will double, meaning that the medical needs will double as well (Phillips Jr, 2014) . Therefore, it is only ethical to increase the capacity of physicians’ production in response to the predictable increase in patients in the near future. Operational management, on the other hand, will be managed at states level, this is the only way of effectively managing the physician distribution depending on the needs of every individual health care fertility. This solution may not seem viable at the moment, but it is the only appropriate way of securing the quality medical delivery to the expected influx of patients in the near future.

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