6 Dec 2022


Leaders vs. Managers

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Leadership and management are two unique areas of specialization that are sometimes confused as one. It is essential to understand the differences between a leader and manager for any person who would want to play both roles in the organization. Importantly, such a person needs to understand that leadership is about inspiring people by creating a uniform goal and working through people to achieve such a purpose. In this sense, an organization needs to have an outstanding leader in adapting to different changes in the market and business environment in general. On the other side, a manager deals with the processes and the procedures that create a suitable environment for the organization ( Harrison, Meyer, Chauhan & Agaliotis, 2019). Base on such differences, a leader and a manager needs unique skills to be outstanding. 

As a manager, a person must possess communication skills as this is necessary to communicate and interact with the workers. A manager must also be a person with in-depth experience with the procedures and processes in the organizations. If possible, such people need to possess the technical skills about the job under their manager. Other than that, a manager must be knowledgeable about the process and the procedures and the management. Furthermore, a manager must be an assertive person ( Valiga, 2019). They should not be people who can be swayed by a different opinion. They have to have a stand and get the job done. Delegation of the duties is another trait a manager should have. Lastly, they need leadership skills to guide them to achieve their objectives. 

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Besides, a leader must be a visionary person who can define a path and outline strategies to achieve the objective. They also need to be inspirational to lead a team of workers. Charismatic is another quality that is essential for leadership ( Carozza, 2019). A leader must have exceptional communication skills to interact with people. They should be influential and possess the skills of resilience to be successful. Confidence is another quality that critical for leadership. Integrity, empathy, and accountability are other qualities a leader must develop to be successful. 

It is possible for a leader and a manager at the same time. However, there are two qualities persons should possess. The first is the ability to mix the two skills that are necessary for leadership and management. In this sense, a person needs to understand the procedures and processes and, at the same time, have a vision for the organization. Another quality is the ability to know when to act as a manager or a leader. 


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