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Long Term and Residential Care: What You Need to Know

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Long-term and residential care facilities provide both medical and personal care to patients who are incapable of living independently in the society. The managers who run such facilities are highly trained to execute their duties ( Tommastersinhealthcare.com, 2017). As such, this article will highlight on the job requirements for long-term and residential care managers. A section that discusses a leadership style that suits the author of this report will also be included. 

Roles and Job Requirements for Long-term care managers 


Managers play a role in planning, controlling, overseeing and organizing organizational activities. Managers of long-term and residential care facilities are not different (Smith, 2017) . They execute the same functions. Besides, they collaborate with various stakeholders such as local authorities, physicians, families, and therapists among others to ensure a smooth run of activities within the facility. 

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Job Requirements 

In that respect, for such managers to be successful in their endeavors, they ought to have strong interpersonal skills. Such competencies would help them to communicate effectively with various stakeholders. The managers need to be well versed with the latest developments in the healthcare system. For instance, they ought to be up-to-date with healthcare analytical skills and laws to make the necessary policy changes ( Tommastersinhealthcare.com, 2017). Lastly, the managers ought to demonstrate strong problem-solving, leadership, ethical decision-making and managerial abilities. 

Leadership Style 

The author of this article finds transformational leadership to be the most appropriate style for this position. Under this style of leadership, a leader decentralizes authority, empowers staffs and encourages innovation (Bernie & Olson, 2007). Transformational leadership promotes the culture of autonomy that encourages the employees to work independently and innovatively. The author of this article is people centered. Thus, transformational leadership style would help in creating a worker-friendly working environment. 


Long-term and residential care facilities managers play a vital role in the healthcare system. They help in planning, controlling, overseeing and organizing activities within residential healthcare facilities. For them to be effective, they need to collaborate with other stakeholders as well as demonstrate strong problem-solving, leadership, managerial abilities. Lastly, this paper identifies transformational leadership as the most suitable leadership style for the administrative position. 


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