11 Feb 2023


MacBook Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First MacBook Pro

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The consumer product chosen is the MacBook Pro computer from Apple Inc. Apple Inc. branding strategy revolves around creativity. Apple Inc. has positioned itself as a modern and creative technology company, such that when a product is unveiled, people are always looking forward to purchasing it (Razak & Zawawi, 2017). Mostly, the company largely targets young people who are tech-savvy and are always ready to test new products. A person who buys a MacBook Pro computer, for instance, is perceived to be an individual of a high class, progressive, and even elite. The branding of the company is always intended to evoke this class feeling, and even look futuristic. Additionally, Apple Inc. has a strict ethics code of conduct, in which the company expects its suppliers as well as retailers to operate under certain rules and regulations. In this way, the company portrays itself as an advocate of environmental conservation, as well as equality and fairness of employees. 

The Apple brand personality is all about innovation, imagination, dreams and aspirations, as well as power to the people through technology. In regard to differentiation, the company recognizes that with stiff competition, it is very important and even inevitable to make their products unique and innovative (Boone, & Kurtz, 2018). For the MacBook Pro computer, it is a slim model, with silver polishing. The operating system of the MacBook Pro is iOS as opposed to the Windows operating system found in most computers. Most of the computers manufactured by Apple Inc. are light in weight, therefore making them more portable compared to other models. Lastly, the Apple brand has already expanded because its products are sold all over the world, and not just the United States. The uniqueness of the MacBook Pro, for instance, makes people all over the world to anticipate for new series from the company, and this shows that the brand is a success. 

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