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Major Crime in Your Community: How to Keep Yourself Safe

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In June 2020, at approximately 8 p.m., on Saturday, Fahim Saleh was murdered in his apartment in New York. The luxurious building has tight security and is secure for most visitors. However, the 33-year-old was found decapitated by one of his relatives who had gone to the apartment to check on him (Riotta, 2020). The victim was a successful businessman, whose ventures included a few startups for Bangladeshi immigrants. The 33-year-old has been described as a loving brother and friend to many (Associated Press, 2020). 

Further inquiry indicates that Saleh did not receive any visitors on the fateful day other than his assistant. At 7.p.m, Saleh's assistant had inquired from the security personnel on whether his boss was around. The conversation was short and direct as usual, "Is he in" and the security guard answered "yes." The security personnel, they indicated that although the assistant was a regular visitor, most weekends Saleh would spend it with his sister or at the golf club. The neighbors stated that they did not see or hear anything other than police officers escorting two women out of the building. Additionally, the neighbors also saw a mid-sized dog being taken from Saleh's apartment. 

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I arrived at the scene on Sunday at 8.30.am after receiving a dispatch call. The victim had been decapitated with his head and arms in a torso bag. Additionally, there was an electric saw on the floor of the apartment which seemed as the weapon used in the murder. There were no signs of a struggle based on the position of the household items that appeared to be in the same positioning. However, the floor was covered by traces of blood. 

The sister was also interviewed and offered vivid details about the brother. The sister claimed that the brother was a kind and beloved man. He had lived in the Manhattan building for over three years, and there has never been concerned about his security. "Saleh does not have any enemies I could think of," she said. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the scene on Sunday at 8.00 a.m, the sister was hysterical and could only call the police for help. 

Saleh’s sister indicated that she canceled the weekend get together with a close friend. On the fateful day, she had decided to take one of her closest friends to a baby shower. After having a candid conversation with Saleh, the two siblings had settled for dinner later in the evening. However, when Saleh did not call back or make other arrangements, it was "unlike him," The sister decided to check on Saleh at 7.50. a.m., on Sunday. She claimed that she did not run into the perpetrator and had no idea who would think of harming Saleh. However, the sister indicated that Saleh’s dog could have been aggressive if there were unknown visitors in Saleh’s home. 

Since the apartment had CCTV cameras, we recovered a video showing Saleh entering the building and into the lift towards his apartment. Shortly, the victim was joined by a male figure, and a struggle followed. The CCTV showed the perpetrator assaulting the victim and threatening him with a stun gun to force the victim to calm down. 

Upon further CCTV analysis, it became clear that the perpetrator was Mr. Saleh's assistant. I read his rights and the suspect was arrested in his house at 5.pm. on Monday for further questioning. At the Police precinct, the suspect indicated that he knew the victim. The two had worked together for 5 years in different projects. However, of late, Saleh had discovered that Haspil was stealing from him which led to the decision of terminating the employment. Additionally, the C.E.O wanted his money back and made an arrangement to be paid $90,000. From the actions, Haspil felt betrayed and decided to confront his former boss. Haspil maintains that Saleh attacked him first and he defended himself which accidentally led to the murder of “one of his closest friends”. 


Associated Press (2020). Slain tech CEO Fahim Saleh’s personal assistant charged with his gruesome murder. https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3093716/suspect-arrested-gruesome-murder-tech-ceo-fahim 

Riotta, C. (2020). Prominent tech entrepreneur found decapitated in ‘professional’ killing at his NYC luxury condo. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fahim-saleh-murder-killing-video-cctv-footage-manhattan-nyc-crime-a9620621.html 

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