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Make Connections: Leadership and Management

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Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the current clinical situation is made of departments that directly report to the chief executive officer (CEO). Novice managers report to middle-level managers, while managers are at the top level of the organizational structure. In general, managers have more understanding of the overall organizational environment than the other organizational entities. 

Type of Organization

The organization is a health care organization. This fact is confirmed by the mentioning of the health care professionals in the organizational chart. 

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The Organizational Chart

The organizational chart entails a definition of the formal relationships in a particular institution. The chart defines the relationships sustained between the various lines of communication and the people in authority. The various units of command are indicated by vertical solid lines between the multiple positions depicted in the organizational chart. The organization chart entails the various employees reporting to one manager who is responsible for the roles and functions of the employees. 

The Types and Sources of Power 

The types of power in the organizational chart are shown by the sphere of influence, and the number of entities under each level. The sources of power are the levels of positions. In other words, each level of the organization comes with its share of power. 

Authority-Power Gap

A potential power gap in the organizational chart is between the Director of General Services and the manual laborers, such as the laundry team, the cooks, and housekeepers. There should have been a manual laborer manager to connect between the Director of Auxiliary General Services and the manual laborers. According to Fiorio et al. (2018), such gaps often create economic and structural ineffeciencies by making it difficult to control the flow of work within the organization.

Mode of Organizational Patient Care

Patient care belongs to the care model organization mode. This mode works by combining the overall efforts of all types of health care practitioners, including nurses, doctors, counselors, and other specialties, to ensure that patients are cared for and effectively treated. This model works within the identified organizational culture. The kind of organizational culture plays a key role in promoting the quality of healthcare services. Poor quality services is mainly influenced by systems of care rather than on individual competencies or incompetencies (Wagner et al., 2014). Examples of care models include hospitals and other health care organizations (Agency for Clinical Innovation, 2013). 


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