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Masters-Prepared Public Health Nurse

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A Masters-prepared public health nurse is an important professional in the profession of nursing. In particular, the nursing profession is an evolving field, which means that it is constantly in need of improvements. For a long time, researchers have always striven to introduce changes aimed at improving the delivery of service and care within the profession. As such, Masters-prepared public health nurses can play important roles in conducting research as well as coming up with evidence-based practices that could impact the profession positively (Kub et al., 2017). Therefore, research is very vital to public health because it is designed at solving social healthcare problems. 

Masters-prepared public health nurses are supposed to be bold individuals, whose focus should be to improve access to healthcare services. For instance, in the United States, marginalized populations such as the African Americans and the Hispanics have for a long time been exposed to inadequate healthcare facilities and services (Butler & Diaz, 2017). A Masters-prepared public health nurse is best placed to influence policy that advocates for equality in the provision of healthcare services. The most prominent role of any public health professional is to serve the public, and even contribute to the prevention of various health problems. If there is equality in the provision of such crucial services, then the overall health of the population may improve. 

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Lastly, a Masters-prepared public health nurse has a lot of knowledge, which can be used to educate the general population with regard to their health. Since one of the roles of public health nurses is to help in the prevention of spread of diseases, as well as to improve the general hygiene of the population, then Masters-prepared public health nurses can play a vital role in teaching the population various skills and strategies to improve their overall health (Fooladi, 2015). 


Butler, S., & Diaz, C. (2017). Nurses as Intermediaries in the Promotion Of Community Health: Exploring Their Roles and Challenges. https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/es_20170921_nurses_as_intermediaries.pdf 

Fooladi, M. M. (2015). The role of nurses in community awareness and preventive health.  International journal of community based nursing and midwifery 3 (4), 328. 

Kub, J. E., Kulbok, P. A., Miner, S., & Merrill, J. A. (2017). Increasing the capacity of public health nursing to strengthen the public health infrastructure and to promote and protect the health of communities and populations.  Nursing outlook 65 (5), 661-664. 

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