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Media Influence on Culture

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‘Mom’ is a comedy series based on the life of a middle-aged woman named Christy. The show revolves around the struggles Christy faces as a single mother of two, who is also a recovering alcoholic. She also lives with her mother, who is also a recovering drugs and alcohol addict. The creator of the show highlights the detrimental effects that drugs and alcohol addiction have on families, with a common reference being made to the tough childhood Christy had due to her mother’s addiction. In this episode, “Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare,” Christy is worried when she gets news that her twelve-year-old son is caught smoking marijuana (Lorre & Widdoes , 2016).

Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Issues

The issue of addiction is very prominent in the show. Addiction is seen as a disease that runs through families if not curbed early. Psychologists say that for children who come from alcoholic families, there is an increased biological risk of them following in the footsteps. The media highlights this factor prominently in the show, especially since Christy followed her mother’s example. Although not addressed in this particular episode, the show has tackled ethnic and racial issues through Christy’s black friend, Regina, who goes through some trouble with the law.

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Communication, Clothing, and Attitudes

The producer has prominently used comedy and humor to highlight the various issues the show tackles. The character’s clothing is simple, mostly jeans and t-shirts for Christy, and waiter’s uniform for work, reflecting their poor background (Dáil, 2012) . However, above all, there is a general attitude of willingness to change and improve livelihoods, by learning from previous mistakes.

Influence on Caregivers

Caregivers learn to investigate a patient’s history in order to identify the problems they might be facing. In cases of alcoholic patients, family history is usually a good place to start for caregivers to find the underlying cause of the conditions. This does not apply to the issues of alcoholism, but all cases, especially those that might be hereditary (Leahey & Harper-Jaques, 2009).


Media started being highly consumer oriented since the 1950’s.This trend especially targeted the young generation who were more impressionable. The trend is still alive, with most commercials being trendy and modern. However, whichever the audience, media is known to have a big influence on the lives of their audiences today.


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