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Mindwalk: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Mental Health

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Mindwalk is one of the best movies and still remains relevant in today’s world. This movie is simply a conversation between three characters Sonia, Jack and Thomas. Jack is a politician and a former presidential aspirant in the United States who has just lost elections. Jack is, however, facing a senate re-election. Sonia Hoffman, on the other hand, is a scientist and was formerly physicist. Thomas is a friend to jack and a poet. The three engages in a long discussion where they tackle major topics which relate to social issues and life in general. This dialogue driven film illustrates many sociological perspectives as the three major characters engage in a conversation. In this film there are three major topics discussed by the characters includes the crisis of perfection in most societies, the holistic and mechanist thinking in addition to politics of impossibility. This paper, therefore, examines these three topics in relation to the three major sociological perspectives mainly the functionalist, symbolic interactionist perspective in addition to the conflict perspective. 

Jack lost the presidential elections and only faced with the senate re-election campaign. This has made him develop the need of getting a way. In relation to the functionalist perspective, it is through politics that a society is provided with a way of getting governed as asserted by Kurtz (2015). Therefore, by incorporating the character of Jack in this movie the writer shows the importance of politics in the society. Politics is regarded as one of the social institutions that work together to promote peace and social order which further facilitates a state of equilibrium as suggested in the functionalist perspective (Kurtz, 2015). However, through the topic politics of impossibility, as discussed in this movie, the audience is able to understand that at times politics does not work. Many people in the society are apolitical and do not even vote in elections. 

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The idea that the three characters are meeting in a church shows the social issue of religion and spirituality. This is one of the institutions that promote peace and coexistence among social members as indicated in the functionalist view. However, religion and politics can be dysfunctional as they can promote disunity at some time. For instance, the idea that some people are apolitical and do not vote shows that politics can promote divisions as well as religion. According to the conflict view, it is religion and politics that class struggle and exploitation is promoted in any society (Sanford, Merkel, & Hopper, 2015). 

The film also focuses on social problems and how they can be solved. However, this film does not focus on specific social problems; it only gives different perspectives on how to come up with solutions to these social problems. For instance, Sonia Hoffman offers a view which is referred to as holistic or the systems view perspective. Holistic thinking is recognizing the interconnectedness of the universe. In relation to sociological views, everything should be viewed as part of a whole. Sonia Hoffman’s view, therefore, supports the functionalist view that the society is like a system of interconnected parts that work together in harmony so as to promote the state of balance. 

The three characters also discuss a topic known as the crisis of perfection. This is relevant when related to the three major perspectives in sociology. This crisis is the way people view something. It is caused by one’s understanding and viewing social problems as different rather than branches of the root problem. Sonia Hoffman, therefore, uses this crisis of perfection to show how everything wrong in the world can be fixed. This includes how to solve major social problems in the society such as crime, corruption, and struggle for power. According to the functionalist view, some elements are dis-functional while others are functional. Therefore, it is important to follow the views of Sonia to promote peace and harmonious living in the society. 

Life is supposed to be looked at in different ways. The physicist uses an example of the clock and shows that it different from what it once was. This shows that everything keeps on changing as well as the society. She suggests that we need to develop new ways of dealing with social problems to become more adapted to life. This is the same way the parts of the clock have been changed due to technological advancement (Wilson, Raish & Carr-Chellman, 2016). The ideas suggested by Symbolic Interactionist Perspective suggest that social interaction shapes our identity. Therefore, Sonia is advised by her daughter to get outside and socialize with other people. This shows the importance of social interaction in the society which is emphasized in the Symbolic Interactionist view. Both Jack and Thomas share feelings of stagnancy since they are faced with were are termed as the crisis of perfection. On the other hand, the poet questions the systems theory and calls it mechanist thinking as indicated by Wilson, Raish & Carr-Chellman (2016). 

Drawing from the film dialogue a number of sociological concepts and problems are evident. For instance, the current number of unemployed people is worrying most sociologists. This is one of the social problems that affect countries such as the USA and other developing countries. Unemployment can be seen as an individual problem, but this view is wrong when related to the views of Sonia in the film. She views that these social problems are interconnected and cause one another (Sanford, Merkel, & Hopper, 2015). Instead, unemployment can be caused by the continuous economic fall of most countries. The second social problem is eating disorders (poor health) and family problems (Wilson, Raish & Carr-Chellman, 2016). Most people consider a person’s eating disorders as personal a personal problem and trouble and can be caused by lack of self-control. However, this explanation offers insufficient information as to why most people are suffering from this disorder. In fact, this view fails to show the connectedness between cultural beliefs and these disorders (Pitt-Catsouphes, Kossek & Sweet, 2015). Sociological problems such as poverty can also be of particular interest to sociologists in relation to this film. According to Sanford, Merkel, & Hopper (2015), people who experience the crisis of perfection can be associated with poverty in most societies. For instance, these people can view their jobs as poor and meaningless and even end up quitting their jobs. This can be as a result of our materialist society that makes individuals aim at acquiring a well-paying job. This shows the validity of the holistic theory suggested by Sonia in the film. 

In conclusion, the mindwalk is a relevant movie when it comes to sociological problems and perspectives. Through Sonia’s view that social problems are interconnected the functionalist view that society comprises of systems that interact and work together to promote peace. The three characters, therefore, present arguments and counter-arguments that serve an important role in understanding social life and the society in general. Although each of the three characters are in crisis as illustrated by this paper, the film explores the relationships between good the beautiful and true. The idea that Jack is frustrated due to his defeat in elections shows the idea of politics as a way of strengthening social order in any society. 


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