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My Ideal Society

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An Ideal society refers to a community where each person is self-content and stays in a healthy and peaceful life. To be said, society is ideal; it requires fulfilling a particular criterion that revolves around all societal members' equality. An ideal society implies maximum harmony among all community members in all aspects, such as religious, economic, and political dimensions. It means that each person has a culture where they respect each other; there are justice and equality in its real sense. The key components of an ideal society include: 

Values, beliefs, ideas, and norms vary, enabling a distinct range of cultures, norms, and ideas (Jubb, 2016). This aspect means that people construct a public social world where ideal theories do not control it but instead values accepted by multiple perspectives. 

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Individuals comprehend their social and cultural norms from the fundamental development via family and their close community. People can also learn these values from schools. 

Social management is taken into consideration by following stipulated ethical codes and guidelines. 

A comprehensive range of social groups should be present such as primary, secondary, and reference social groups. 

Deviance is vital in societal transformation. An ideal society does not exist without deviance. 

Gender roles should not be present since all people have the full capability to do various tasks. If gender roles are available, it should be a subcultural existence and utilize as a reference group in the deviance factor (Sleat, 2016). An ideal society considers gender roles as taboos. 


Theories and research from sociology analyze ideal society and assess variables that are common in transforming society. Also, it analyzes factors that can ruin society. By using data collected and developing theories, one can apply them in actual life to create a meaningful idealistic society. 

The concept of positivism by Comte is an ideal theory that is used to understand the ideal society. The theory argues that knowledge about issues of facts depends on the positive information data of experience. It also argues that the reality of facts is that of pure logic and pure mathematics. These two aspects mean that the maximum happiness for many individuals is their moral maxim (Whewell, 2017). As per the ideal society, it implies that all people, whether from the macro level or micro level, should all be flexible and enable nature to flow freely while still considering scientific techniques. 


Individuals in an ideal society behave as per the existing social values and beliefs. They communicate through socialization. Typically, all people regarding their social status should be equal without any form of bias (Smith, 2020). Either individually or as a group, all people should act according to the interests of other people. 

Individuals address problems of deviance with stipulated codes and guidelines. For instance, deviance should not create problems such as violence in the community. People who are trying other people should be punished through institutionalization (Gaus, 2019). In an ideal society, there is no death penalty. 

Individuals can alter their social statuses and ranks depending on their capabilities, educational attainment, and other virtues that positively contribute to society. Favors should be awarded to community members such as artists, athletes, and many more. 

Because gender roles do not exist, all people share all the tasks equally. 

Older adults in society are treated with honor, and their knowledge should be utilized to create a meaningful society. 


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