13 Jul 2022


My Lifetime Achievement Award

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Good evening everyone, it is a great pleasure and honor to be here with you today. Humble to be given such an opportunity to share with my life story and experience. I want to begin by thanking everyone who has always been there for me especially my daughters. Without your assistance, I would not be here so thanking you all. From my perspective, I have always seen a lifetime achievement award as for old people who have achieved a lot in life and people who always have their lives on track. The career women and wives who still have everything in control. So am very overwhelmed to be nominated for a lifetime achievement award, I still cannot believe all this is happening.

When I reflect in my life, it has not been an easy journey. It is the kind of journey none of you would wish to go through. But hey I made it through and am still strong. I got pregnant at the tender age of 18 years. I was confused I did not know what to do or how to go about the situation. The sudden body changes, developments and everything that was happening I had no idea. I had hope and remained strong, and successfully after the nine months, I gave birth to a pretty girl. I thought things would now be more comfortable , but to my surprise, it was now the beginning of a long journey. The adjustments to waking up at night to breastfeed and changing diapers took me time before I got used. Life as a single mum is not, especially when you have no source of income and support. Things were a bit tough since I still had to work to take care of myself and the baby. Later on, I was blessed with two more daughters, and I have raised them all on own.

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I decided to go back to school which was also hard since I was also working at the same time because am the breadwinner of my family. I still wanted to be the best mother to my daughters. They always looked upon me for and depended on me for everything since I was both the mother and the father. Playing both roles is not an easy task because I never had enough quality time to spend with my daughters. However, I never had the chance to complete school. I was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident where I tore my left leg. Here, my life had utterly taken a different direction which I never had pictured . The doctors said I would never be able to walk again and that they had to amputate my leg. I refused since I was not for that idea. I have undergone 14 surgeries and felt a lot of pain for quite a long time. Finally, the doctors said I would still have my leg even though my ankle was broken . I had to learn how to walk again since I had stayed in the hospital for so long. Today am grateful since I can walk again despite the harsh experience.

I fell into a severe six-year addiction, the reason being my admission in the hospital for four months which had me addicted to opioids so severely . The recovery process was not easy since I was already homeless and my daughters were struggling to survive. If you have ever seen someone in addiction, I know you can tell how difficult it is to let go. I felt terrible and miserable about myself and life. It took me time to understand that I needed to be patient with myself. Therefore, I decided to give myself time and go slow about everything instead of being tough on myself. And for sure with time everything heals now am sober and clean. I can spend time with my daughters again. I appreciate them so much because all this while they had never given up on me. I also went back to school, and the good news is that am almost done with my studies. I am going to become a community support worker. Am eagerly waiting to work and support people who are undergoing the same things I experienced or having any other experience. From all ages am ready to offer support and care both children and adults. I would not be happy seeing someone going through what I went.

Lastly, I would like to tell you no matter what situation you are going through keep pushing through and working hard. I am sure you will make it and emerge victoriously . Everyone wishes to have a good family and a well-paying job, but some things just come on your way. So learn to embrace everything positively and remain focused. And finally you will achieve your goal no matter how long it will take you but the ultimate goal is to be successful in the end. Thank you so much.

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