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New Deal Programs for Texas

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Although the economic depression of 1930s was a difficult time, it was not altogether without progress. The following three most relevant new deal programs for Texas were implemented and to different degrees helped to ease problems of the great depression in the state. 

The civilian conservation corporation was a national wide program but deeply rooted in Texas between 1933 and 1942. It was a program meant for young men to focus on natural resources including the construction of recreational parks and other forest and soil conservation initiatives. The men enrolled in this program earned thirty dollars a month from which they were compelled to send at least 25 dollars to their families. It helped put people in employment during the depression and post-depression period get people back to the work force and encourage them to start spending money again thus increasing consumerism as a way to get the country out of the economic slump resulting from the depression. 

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National youth administration (NYA) was another program implemented to benefit youths between sixteen and twenty five years old. It provided support for young people in colleges, universities and high schools. The program employed 10000 to 18000 students in Texas at various clerical and maintenance jobs every month. High school students earned up to $6, college students earned up to $ 15 while graduate students earned $30 per month. There were out-of-school programs under the NYA that hired young Texans to construct roadside parks, gravel highways, and build recreational facilities among other jobs. 

The work progress administration (WPA) was another program that hired young men to do construction work within the rural areas in different counties in Texas State. The men hired were able to save and send money to their families while they helped they county develop its infrastructure. 

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