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Noon’s Digital Marketing

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Noon SAUDI is a shared venture between numerous Gulf investors and Arabia's Public investment fund. Noon brings a dynamic, locally determined, and client situated digitalized commercial center to the Kingdom, serving the network and offering new retail and significantly better insight. Noon accomplices with market pioneers and little and medium endeavors, helping them increase a more critical portion of the region's online business market. Advancing a shared internet business model through its associations with Saudi and provincial retailers, Noon presents a convincing elective retail decision through its site or committed iOS and Android applications. 

A client retention strategy is significant because it encourages you to arrive at your drawn-out objectives. With client maintenance figures flooding, there will be enhanced your business. Additionally, client maintenance implies ensured future business. Unwaveringness clients can keep on benefactor your business over and over while you keep on pulling in new customers. Noon builds a good relationship with its customers (( Al-Rabayah, 2018) . Noon SAUDI creates authentic, genuine content that adds value to its customers. Almost all times, clients like to engage with brands of products they want and believe they will satisfy their needs. Thus, Noon SAUDI has made sure that it is friendly and relatable so that its brands listen and communicate with the customers. 

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Noon connects and engages its customers through social media platforms. Here is where they advertise their promotions, every product a customer may be interested in, and new stocks. Many people go to social media to be social, and others are searching for specific content or following stories they are fond of. Noon uses this social media as a customer service tool and continually responds to its followers and correctly answers their inquiries. This form of engagement has a meaningful effect on the customer's experience and starts building the confidence required to keep clients returning to Noon now and then to do their shopping. Also, Noon asks its customers to promote its products and services online. Once they share the product in their social media accounts, Noon engages with the post by liking and even commenting. 

Noon uses social media as listening tools. This makes the company understand what its customers need and then align its posts and products with customer preferences. Noon uses analytic tools to get data on its followers' interests, phone carrier, location, and other useful data in their marketing strategies .Noon asks its customer's and followers' views by posting polls. This enables the company to implement client opinion to its brands. Noon SAUDI also makes sure that its social media pages are valuable. Noon ensures that it posts coupons and sales on its websites and other social media pages. This keeps customers coming back to Noon's social media presence and even its brands in general. Noon has loyalty programs. Noon SAUDI rewards its clients for choosing to shop with it over other competitors. 

Noon came up with a geotagging address system that could capture every client's correct location and deliver the products to the right place. This has enhanced efficiency. Noon makes sure that it delivers an order within the time frame and price point customers want; thus, it is affordable and convenient to shop with Noon since there are no delays in orders. Noon also has found means to standardize and synchronize business processes ( Martin, Shapiro, & Nedashkovskaya, 2019) . This enables the company to have a real-time access system and insight to record movement. This fastens the process the customer buys his or her product since immediately they make orders, they reflect across the network, and immediately everything is finalized. 


Al-Rabayah, W. A. (2018). Using Social Strategy to Retain Customers.  Digital Marketing and Consumer Engagement: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications , 124. 

Martin, D. A., Shapiro, J. N., & Nedashkovskaya, M. (2019). Recent trends in online foreign influence efforts.  Journal of Information Warfare 18 (3), 15-48. 

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