5 Jul 2022


Nursing Informatics: What It Is and What You Need to Know

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Family nurse practitioners are obliged to employ appropriate informatics competencies that are available across their fields of operation. On this note, the masters-prepared practitioners have different practice experience and educational background compared to the undergraduate s practitioners. This means that their nursing informatics competencies are more complex and require a higher level of knowledge and understanding. Considering this field to be influenced by technological advances that are bound to change on a regular basis, the family nurse practitioners have to stay up-to-date with the current information and trends that are being used to increase the efficiency of their operation. One of these competencies is the knowledge of computer skills and technology-based equipment that would increase the efficiency of the execution of their responsibilities. The practitioners also have to communicate effectively. In this case, these nurses have to be able to critically evaluate conversations within the realm of the socially structured technologies. 

Furthermore, the family nurse practitioners are obliged to ensure that they familiarize with the semantics of nursing data. Besides, they have to understand the repercussions of data definition ambiguities. The other necessary nursing informatics is the effective interpretation of end-user data which arises from various sources. After the data is interpreted, it is imperative to apply it to the effective clinical decision-making measures. It is also important for the nursing practitioners to familiarize with the sources and types of data that are captured by the respective information systems. Subsequently, they should be able to determine the importance and value of the acquired data as it applies to the improvement of patient care. Evidently, by displaying such competencies, the family nursing practitioners are able to increase their productivity as well as executing their responsibilities more efficiently. 

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