5 May 2022


Oprah as a Transformational Leader

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Transformational leadership is leadership skill where a manager works with their subordinates to identify the desired change is creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration and ensuring that there is service delivery with dedicated members of the group. In this essay, I offer description on the transformational and the charismatic leadership skills of Oprah.

Transformational leaders, for instance, Oprah tends to provide a sense of vision and mission, and they have the capability to inspire through communications of high expectations. Such leaders intelligence for problem-solving and they also provide personal attention and training of followers to improve their working skills. On the other hand, charismatic leaders are strong role models for the values and beliefs that their members to adopt. They also tend to have a strong sense self-confident and moral values. Notably, no one fits the above descriptions of a transformational and charismatic leader better than Oprah.

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The renowned media personality went through a lot of challenges to become great including being raped at the age of nine. These did not deter her from becoming significant as she had a clear vision and mission best seen on her multi-show the Oprah Winfrey Show where she inspired millions of people around the world always to dream big. Apart from all these attributes, she has a great talent on communication skills which has enabled her to interact with many people around the world.

Intellectual stimulation is defined as having a leader who encourages coming up with new ideas through innovations and being creative as well as thinking critically to offer amicable solutions to own problems. It involves smoothening the thoughts and imaginations of the followers an individual has as well as improving their ability to solve their problems creatively.

Oprah is a good example of a leader with intellectual stimulation on how we see her address and manage her problems. Through her creativity, she emerges to be one of the best media personality and wins a lot of awards and prizes. Through this followers may feel motivated on to work hard by themselves by looking at the various ways through which she survived and her long journey to success.

There are few women at the top echelons as compared to men. This can be attributed to by the financial muscle of men as compared to the women. A part from financial background, women also feels insecure when they seek these political posts thus men end up wining them. Finally it is important to note most women will not vote for their fellow women because they are not convinced about their leadership abilities as compared to men who usually vote for their fellows. 

The essay has brought how Oprah is a transformational and a charismatic leader and how she rose to fame from being a useless person to becoming a celebrity. I have also looked at how she applied intellectual stimulation to increase through the ladders. I have also looked at the various reasons why there are few women at the top echelons.

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