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Organization Development Illustration

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Organizations adopt various strategies to enhance the achievement of objectives that align with organizational mission, vision, values, and culture. The achievement of the set organizational objectives is crucial, considering that it translates to enhanced productivity which in turn contributes to sustainability and profitability. One of the most visible strategies that business enterprises adopt is organization development programs which are aimed at equipping employees with requisite skills. The impartation of these skills is a necessary undertaking that ensures that an organization retains a significant market share in a dynamic and unpredictable business environment. Bechtel Construction Inc., a leading American company has managed to be a market leader in the engineering and construction industry due to its vibrant development programs.

Bechtel Construction Inc. Mission, Values, Culture and Strategic Direction 


The company’s mission is to help its customers so that they could change the world for the better by providing them with sustainable and innovative building materials. According to Bechtel Corporation (2021a), the company’s sustainability mission is to protect the environment and people through community partnerships that promote economic development. In pursuit of this mission, the company is committed to applying proven experience, processes, and innovations in environmental safety, engineering, construction, and procurement to design and execute environmentally friendly projects. In the same manner, Bechtel Corporation is keen on protecting and enhancing the safety and well-being of all the people who may be affected by their projects.

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The company espouses a culture of trust, collaboration, and nurturance of a proud legacy that arises out of alignment with the values, mission, and vision. Bechtel Corporation (2021a) indicates that the company has a culture of building trust by making commitments and following through with them while building shared understanding. In the same manner, the company embraces collaboration by asking for, welcoming, and offering help for mutual resolving of conflicts and ambiguities.


Safety and quality is outstanding value in Bechtel Corporation that indicates the company’s commitment to providing an environment that is devoid of harm. The other value is ethics with the company promising to maintain, honesty, integrity, and fairness for all of its stakeholders. Quality is the other value that highlights the company’s passion for excellence and the need to do its work right the first time since its reputation is dependent on the delivered value. The other value is people with the company being keen on inspiring employees with purposive, challenging, and rewarding work and in this way, become an employer of choice (Bechtel Corporation, 2017). Other values that the company espouses include culture, relationships, innovation, and sustainability.

Strategic Direction 

Bechtel Corporation hopes to become the worlds’ premier construction, engineering, and project management company through the achievement of extraordinary results for its customers. According to Bechtel Corporation (2017), the company strategy is to build resilient societies through designing and distributing customized solutions that absorb natural hazards and at the same time are environmentally friendly. More so, the company plans on aligning itself with the continuous development philosophy through the use of relevant industry standards. The company applies this to various expertise areas that include infrastructure, energy, defense, nuclear security, petrochemicals, and environmental management.

Impact of mission, vision, and strategy on the type and frequency of training at Bechtel Corporation 

Bechtel Corporation is committed to continuous development which is evidence by the designing and implementation of innovative, environmental-friendly, and sustainable solutions. The company’s mission, vision, values, and strategic direction are all aligned and pegged upon this commitment. In a bid to achieve this objective, the company invests ample time resources towards training programs that target employees at all levels. The company that operates in the construction and engineering industry is aware of the numerous regulations revolving around safety, quality, and sustainability. In this case, the company has to ensure that all the employees have the requisite competencies, skills, and knowledge to improve their chances of success.

Bechtel University is one of the most outstanding training avenues that has helped to support the company’s mission According to Bechtel Corporation (2021b), Bechtel University provides virtual, instructor-led, mobile, and online courses in multiple languages. These courses are delivered in a bid to support Bechtel Corporation’s vision of delivering optimal results for customers while at the same time enhancing the employee’s professional development. Furthermore, Bechtel has thousands of courses on professional development, technical skills, leadership development, learning new languages, sustainability, safety & ethics, and continued learning. In particular, the university focuses on various disciplines including construction, contracts, finance, engineering, human resources, procurement, project management, startup project controls, and quality. All these courses are vital for ensuring that Bechtel Corporation employees develop industry-specific skills and competencies to deliver on the company’s values, mission. More so, the professional and leadership development courses are an avenue through which the employees establish industry gaps and from here design practical and innovative solutions

Training Strategies for Bechtel Corporation 

Bechtel Corporation is a market leader in the construction and engineering industry but it does not mean that it should relent in the pursuit of its objectives. If the company is keen on maintaining its position there is a need to adopt innovative training strategies to ensure that its employees espouse industry standards. One of the training strategies that it could adopt is on-job training which allows for the promotion of new practices where workers use pre-prepared courses for particular procedures, regulations, and processes (Lin & Hsu, 2017). The training which could either take the form of understudy assignments or job rotation is conducted under industry standards relating to the number of hours, curriculum, and action goals. Lin & Hsu (2017) note that on-the-job training is an opportunity for employees to up-to-date and upgrade their skills which they then incorporate in their work thus enhancing efficiency. Bechtel Corporation has branches in 8 countries including the US, meaning that the training should reflect the regulations in each region. Bechtel Corporation could embrace off-the-job training through various mediums including films, classroom lectures, and simulation exercises. Bechtel University would be a great avenue for conducting - job training which is considered effective especially for developing employees’ problem-solving and technical skills (Akther et al., 2018). The opportunity to study away from the work allows the employees ample time to concentrate on the training without having to worry about deadlines.

Development Recommendations for Poor Performing Employees 

Poor performing employees are a liability, considering that they do not make a significant contribution that is required to achieve organizational objectives. However, there is a chance that such employees can still develop the relevant skills, competencies, and attitudes. A practical recommendation for dealing with underperformers is to make a plan entailing what the employer and the employee will do differently once it is established that the employee is coachable. According to Sendawula et al. (2018), employers and employees will need to agree on the measurable cations, requisite resources as well have strategies for measuring progress to enhance success. The other recommendation is the need to reward the slightest positive change that results from the plan. Sendawula et al. (2018) note that praise and rewards are significant tools that employers could use to motivate employees so that they can embrace continuous improvement. Rewards could take the form of praise where the employer acknowledges even the slightest improvement in a bid to elicit more action. Employees who continue to demonstrate significant change should then be placed in the category of performers. These recommendations allow organizations to exploit the potential that the existing employees have instead of bringing in new ones, a decision that may require the incurrence of additional costs.


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