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Personal Leadership Philosophy

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My leadership philosophy is based on my past experiences and interactions with different kinds of people. I have studied several different leaders both the weak and vigorous leaders, and I, therefore, believe that through these principals, our organization will be the most lucrative and rewarding to lead my life and positively change the lives of those around me. 

The basis of my leadership is built on integrity, trust, and respect. I plan to ensure that I win your respect and confidence by being a good leader who: honest, listens well, is hardworking, respectful, is always committed, keeping my word and not asking you do a task I would not accomplish myself. You can earn my respect and trust by behaving well and being honest, making correct decisions on time, accepting your mistakes, communicating your ideas, completing tasks on time, and ensuring that you respect the interests of the organization and those of your staff. Our primary goal should always be the execution of the organizational missions and promoting the growth and development of our workforce. 

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I believe in sharing thoughts and opinions and therefore welcome them all, and I do not consider disagreement as an indicator of disloyalty. I prefer open debate during organizational meetings and more especially when dealing with organizational problems. In all times I encourage you to tell me not what you think I should hear but what I need to understand and know so as to make the correct decisions that will promote the growth and development of the organization. 

I expect all of you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It is not sufficient to only identify problems. I expect all of you to give opinions, ideas and your thoughts on how that problem can be solved. In this, I, therefore, encourage creativity and innovativeness at work, so as to come up with newer ways of solving organization issues. After a decision has been made, I expect all debate to stop and focus to be directed at accomplishing tasks using our professional skills. 

I want to urge you to take sufficient time to plan well and perform the task efficiently at first attempt. In case you have been asked to what you believe you cannot do, raise the concern immediately. If requested to continue anyway, give it all your best regardless of how difficult the task may be. I will allow you to determine how superlative to implement any plan or decisions. I will assign duty and delegate responsibility and authority to the most suitable staff level and therefore stop managing and interfering with the project myself. Here, I expected to be informed on the progress of the assignment and notified of any challenges or delays in performance, so that together we can come up with appropriate rectifications. 

I ask you to be innovative and creative and at all times to work without fear of making mistakes. I will be lenient to individual mistakes so long as they are not repeated and are not against the objectives and standards of the organization. Persistence and determination are the most important qualities that I admire. No one should walk past a mistake because if you do it creates a negative impression of our aims of establishing a vibrant, rewarding and professional working environment. If you see an error try to fix it there and then. If you see your team member misbehaving, correct them. If the customer or employee needs assistance, help them immediately. Also, if the employee needs guidance, you should mentor them and ensure that they remain focused on attaining the organizational objectives. 

However, I will not accept nor tolerate cheating, lying, blaming others for personal mistakes, stealing, being late and unpreparedness. Disruptions during meetings shall not be allowed; all smartphones must be switched off or put in silent mode. Lastly, you should at all times respect your colleagues. I have prepared this governance manuscript to allow us to work together and fulfill the organizational missions and visions. 

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