25 Aug 2022


Philosophical Approach to Environmental Ethics

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Many philosophers have written on the issue of environmental ethics. Environmental ethics goes against the destruction and pollution of the environment. It questions the virtue of superiority of human beings over other environmental species on the earth's surface. For a long time, people have assumed to be superior in all ways to other environmental species. It is important to note that and recognize the value and interests of other things, both living and dead, in the environment. Each item on the environment is deemed important by environmental ethics. Human beings should preserve every object under their care for the good of all living organisms. 

Any object or thing, say a building, has its good and requires be giving space and also preserving. The destruction of a building may cause the deaths of many species or organisms. Every living organism that lives in the house is in danger when a building is destroyed . A house that is not kept clean may bring health hazards to the people living in it. A plant is living thing that grows just like an animal. Just like an animal, or a human being, a plant also requires biological need such as oxygen and water. A plant may contribute a lot to the environment. Trees bring rain which is essential to all living things. Cutting down trees and other vegetation destroys the environment a lot including its beauty. 

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Other philosophers argue out that, destroying one particular aspect or species (let's say a plant), deprives other living organisms of significant needs such as food or habitat. For instance, when a forest is destroyed by fires , many animals that depend on the vegetation for food may die of hunger. Many other animals would be killed in the process no to mention that, many animals would lose their habitats. 

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