5 May 2022


Philosophy is Personal and Closer to Literature and History

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The book, "The Moral Life,” by Hallie, integrates Literature and with Philosophy while confronting the ethical and Philosophical issues. The moral literature in the book highlights on the philosophical ideas that build on people’s dilemmas and how they determine our creativity to counter them. The book forces us to re-think and re-build our assumptions in real life situations as asserted by Pojman and Vaughn (2004). Hallie, in her book, “The Moral Life,” clearly brings into sharp look the closeness between the literature in philosophical interpretations in contrast to the science understanding. Integrating literature and philosophy in an impressively creative way creates room for harmonic connection between literature and philosophy in quite a unique way, in contrast to science. Hallie went beyond means to prove the correlation between Philosophy and literature by using creative and strongly worded writings to show just how much the philosophy has a great impact on a person’s life and the history of the public lives.  There are 17 philosophers in the English literature class as opposed to the science department faculty. The great connection between Literature and Philosophy is huge, given the massive contribution Literature, and History has contributed to philosophical compilations. The writer exemplifies this fact when she thanks greater details the part her colleagues has played in her book. Philosophy is personal and reflects the personal and runs deep with the daily life activities as indicated by the author. She says that mental stability is necessary if at all we are to get to the stable build up from the grounds all the way up. The need for the well-grounded stable mental state is important to avert our entire structure from capsizing entirely. The importance of re-living one’s individual culture is important to rebuild the philosophical aspect of society. Science as a discipline remotely connects to philosophical interpretations with only the surface interpretations given to the overall understanding of technical understandings. The idea of good and bad must be understood wholly in the context of religious priests and the authority of over men who represent the masses. The moral standards demanded upon the leadership positions remains the same with the moralists inventing the moral adjustments to fit their personal interests and power fights. The Author clearly shows the closeness between philosophy and history with the very need to seek alternative reconciliation between the social and personal forces in the society. The philosophical interpretation of leadership calls upon each member of the community to stay loyal to the call for morality in the society with the desperate need to heed to the requirement of social responsibility. The literature and history marry into a harmonically interconnections with the philosophical origin of philosophers. The passionate and commanding matter of literature amounts the philosopher's world over is something that drives the community further towards the clean understanding of the word morality (Pojman and Vaughn, 2004). The disconnection between science and philosophy emerges on the lack of emotional aspect of science nature. Science is more technical and calls for more of mind engagement. Philosophy requires love and appreciation of literature to improve the understanding, and as evident in her book, Hallie calls upon the entire society to appreciate literature and philosophy to reach personal life goals.


Pojman, L. P., & Vaughn, L. (2004). The Moral Life (p. 985). New York: Oxford University Press.

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