8 Apr 2022


Physical Assessment of the Genitourinary System

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Patient problems with the reproductive system not only affect these systems but could trigger additional problems in the patient’s body. Furthermore, they could affect the quality of life and well-being of the patient if not dealt with (ArcMesa Educators, 2014). This paper looks into assessment methods of the male genitalia.

The main function of the urinary system is regulating electrolyte balance in the body as well as fluid control. Genitalia play a critical role as they give the body expression for excretion and reproduction. Due to the private nature of this function, patients may experience difficulty sharing concerning health challenges. As a result, patient confidentiality is especially critical to maintain confidence in the care provider.

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With regards to male genitalia, certain problems could be gauged during the assessment including prostate problems, the presence of masses and infections, discharge, lesions and pain, hemia testicular pain and any prior history of STDs. In the actual assessment of the genitalia, pubic hair will be observed for normal distribution and the presence of body lice. The penis and testes will also be assessed. When the patient is not circumcised, determine if the foreskin retracts completely. Check for smegma. This will be a white substance under the foreskin. Further observe the urethral meatus to determine whether there are discharges. Additionally, palpate the testes to find any tenderness or masses. The testes will normally be equal in size. Nonetheless, if the male is standing, it will be normal to notice one testis lower in the scrotal sac compared to the other. Finally, observe the patient’s penis and testes for any lesions and rashes.


ArcMesa Educators. (2014). Physical Assessment- Chapter 6 Genitourinary System . Retrieved from ArcMesa Educators: http://nursinglink.monster.com/training/articles/239-physical-assessment--chapter-6-genitourinary-system .

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