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Pop Culture Vs Scholarly Research

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The long distance relationships have made different couples and partners to be confused or hopeless about the situation and the quality of their relationships. A lot of married and young people in relationships are found in the block of long distance relationship. Studies show that partners in the long distance relationship can have an equally satisfying relationship as it is with the geographically close partners. The long distance partners share important thoughts and feelings thus experiencing a higher sense of emotional closeness. However the long distance relationship may be hard when you do not have time to experience customs together, nor go to date, and all you have are tearful goodbyes. Thanks to the meaningful communication lovers can know how to warm up their relationship.

A successful relationship needs sacrifice, determination, compromise, and dedication. But when serious issues come up or crisis arises the relationship can find itself pushed to the brink of hopelessness. The thought of losing a relationship can be terrifying, for what was once a safe place could turn into a chaotic world. Even being part of the partners in the relationship you may feel left alone in the quest to save the relationship, especially when the other partner refuses to work through your relationship problems (Rosenberg, & Chopra, 2015). On the verge of the relationship breakup, there are feelings of discouragement, loneliness, and hopelessness as you may not know what to do to save your marriage. However, they are programs that inspire and give hope in an overview to save marriages.

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To make a long distance relationship work, experts say at least the relationship would work better among persons in a similar financial situation, who would help each other in cutting traveling costs may force it by train or plane. It is also important to have something physical that soothes when touched with the partner's hands, thus gifts would aid in making long distance relationship to work. Setting up of regular time for communication through the social media and not spend a lot of time thinking or wondering when one is going to hear from the other will assist the relationship to last. When talking or communicating through the social media, the time should be limited so that other things to be discussed are left for the next time the partners speak. The time limit on when both partners should be apart should be set because the relationship works when there is an end goal in sight. In the associate's communication, things should be kept flirting through texting, phone, and webcam as it remains a reminder of what both partners are looking forward to when they meet (Cosmopolitan, 2014). When both partners meet, they should have fun together, go shopping and keep life real as possible.

Firmin, Firmin, & Merical, (2013) reports that although distance relationship have continually existed, advancement in technology in recent decades have establishment an effective communication method, with the telephone being the most appropriate mode of communication. Other methods of communication include the use of webcams, video chat, and Facebook. The communication method should not only be used for conversation, but to do things together as well. Couples play games online, watch movies and even sleep together with their webcams on. Technology has played a key role in the maintenance of long distance relationship and helps the couples to pre-establish friendship which serves as relationship foundation ( Firmin, Firmin, & Merical, 2013). Plans to visit regularly are another feature that the article seems to agree with the magazine; couples should set dates and plan on a visit as a way to boost their long distance relationship. But the trips should be reasonably made in order not to spend all the savings 

Communication on a regular, but the reasonable frequency is a fact that the article approves in which it is emphasized on couples not talking for an extended period as it is extreme. Thus communication should be done in a reasonable amount of time. The lives of some partners may be busier than others, thus the time of communication in the relationship can differ. Doing something that makes your partner feel special like buying gifts and sending emails and pictures is another issue that the article seems to agree with the magazine. Partners should try and think of something that would show the other person that they care. The simple things would make them feel safe and reassured of being cared and thought about all the time. The benefits will not only be to an individual, but the relationship will profit tremendously. 

The partners should plan for the future because a relationship will not remain long distance throughout the lifetime. Eventually, one person would move into the other, and both have to be willing to make progress for the other person. Depending on how the partners navigate through the process, the need to strengthen the relation structures is vital to make a long-term relationship successful (Firmin, Firmin, & Merical, 2013). Through communication, the partners should not be afraid to ask questions and be answered by the other, for reassurance about any insecurity that may occur in a relationship. They’re a lot of people who come and bring information about partner cheating or asking about their partners, but real answers are with the couples themselves. A person should not be consumed by the relationship to the point of forgetting family and friends who are around them. Long distance relationship consumes a lot of individual time, but it should not make them lose connection with other people. The love life should be balanced with everyday activity, and it is important to spend time with friends once in a while.

The men's health magazine tries to explore in various ways to save a relationship or how to build a healthy marriage. The partners should think positively about the issues that are even annoying; there should be a proper interpretation of matters and actions instead of over reacting. In the relationship or marriage, couples should stay without doing or saying things that are negative and hurtful to their partners. Men are naturally made to solve problems and protect the woman they adore and love (Stains, 2015). Partners should respond positively to the good news as well as the bad; the positive attitude reassures partners that they are supported all around. However, this may not be the case when she wants to be heard, thus should be given time to explain herself. The measure of listening will be good for the relationship, and the man's solution should be brought up later in a separate conversation. The couple should go out together to have fun without the usual talks and focus on their relationship through the good times they have had together. The relationship should be based autonomy, and neither of the partners should feel guilted or forced into choices about the way they live. When in an argument the couple should keep their voices down as it helps both to be more reasonable.

In the article, Happy Marriage, Happy Life? The authors try to associate marital quality and the general life satisfaction and the experience between partners which are vital in the association well-being. The authors argue that the problem with a relationship is the people inside who create the disagreements that break the relationship. The individual in a relationship need to take full responsibility for the problem, each person should accept as being part of the problem and commit to change in the process of saving the relationship. There should be an emotional connection between the spouses and endless love throughout the relationship. The emotional well-being is increased when both partners are satisfied with the marriage but the dissatisfaction will lead to decrease in emotions (Carr, Freedman, Cornman, & Schwarz, 2014). The emotional connection is attained through better communication between the partners. Having fun together as it was on the first date, after all, the relationship cannot work without fun and play. Anger should be avoided as it destroys a relationship. The argument may not end with a disagreement, but expose the rage to your partner tears away the love over time. Anger is just emotional, and it is important to learn how to handle it without acting on it. 

Reigniting the romance, intimacy and sex and understanding how they connect partners in a relationship is vital in saving a relationship. However, a problem may be caused in a relationship if it is not clear or there is no understanding about the romance and intimacy. Through imperfections partners should love each other regardless as love does not mean approval to everything. In a relationship both partners should be fully committed, as when one person is seen doing all the work there would raise problems in the relationship as couples are made to serve each other. In the marital quality partners are satisfied with the colleague’s marital appraisal thus enjoy relatively high level of satisfaction in life favoring the relationship well-being (Carr, Freedman, Cornman, & Schwarz, 2014). 

Through the examination of the magazine articles and research articles regarding them, the general observation is magazines are written in the form of entertainment while research reports had academic and researched scientific information. Magazines cover broad topics and subjects of public interest in the other hand scholarly articles usually focus on original research in a particular subject or discipline fields. While research articles appeal to specialized readers like scholars and professionals in specific areas, magazines appeal to the broad general readership. When writing research reports, authors and writers are experts in certain subjects of academics and professional. Magazines are usually written by freelance writers and magazine staff. The layout of magazines is mainly short articles with illustrations while research articles longer often contain graphs, charts, and tables. No technical language is involved in magazine writing, but technological and specialized terminologies are used in the research paper. The documents in the research are cited with footnotes and bibliographies, but the magazine documents are not necessarily cited or are incomplete.

Various products are advertised through the magazines and services are designed to attract the worldwide customer. There is no advertisement or few if present in research articles and it is usually specific to the subject or discipline the article covers. Research articles are published by academic institutions or professional organization while magazines are published commercially. In the review, policy editors examine the magazines, but articles shall be examined by panel peers or refereed articles.

Long distance should not destroy the love the partners have for each other. It is for the partners to get themselves down about the distance and communication difficulties. People should face the obstacle until the point where they can finally live together in the same home. At that point, they will start to deal with other challenges that they may face in future. Marriages or relationships are not the problems, but the people in a marriage are, and they can change if they want to save their marriage. The road to saving the relationship is not easy, but with the commitment to real change in personality and facing hard facts along the way will aid in the relationship recovery (Rosenberg, & Chopra, 2015). When partners are committed, and they make it through, the relationship would be better than ever.


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