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Prayer and Healing: A Guide to Spiritual Wellness

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Prayer was an essential part of Jesus' life because He had a special relationship with God, the Father. He prayed because he obeyed God and depended on Him to help Him deliver salvation to His disciples and believers. Jesus also prayed because he was a human Jewish believer who would pray just like any other believers (The prayer life of Jesus pdf, pg 98). Lastly, Jesus prayed to show an example to His followers so that they would be more interested to reform their ways and attain salvation (Oakman, 2014). It is from this example that Christians have remained to pray seeking redemption from Christ so that they would enter the Kingdom of God.

The four elements of prayer include adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. Adoration means hailing the name of God with praise and worship. After that, confession follows where one admits to their wrongdoings and sins (Sandnes, 2015) , then ask God to forgive us and give us a spirit to forgive too ( Smith, 2015) . Thanksgiving is next. Here we appreciate the Lord for what He has done for us and all the gifts He has given us, unlike adoration, where we acknowledge Him for His being. Finally, supplication is where we communicate our needs to God, believing He will grant us whatever we ask.

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An example of prayer that models the prayer elements would be as follows: God I adore your holy name; you are the greatest of all beings, a supernatural and powerful. I admit I am a sinner in my day-to-day life; I have done wrong to others and have done things that are against your will. For this reason, I ask you to forgive me and cleanse my heart so that I may be able to forgive others too. I thank you for keeping me active in my life, and for the long, you have allowed me to live and witness your good deeds. I am asking you to help me be successful in my future days.


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