17 May 2022


Conflict Between Religion and Science

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The conflict between science and religion started way back in Europe when secular values started influencing the world by filing atheistic attitudes into an unprepared culture. This made some religious leaders demystify the scriptures for greater agreement with science. This caused disagreements between religions and breaking of old religions into a different denomination, each with its own interpretation of the scriptures. Scientist believes in evidence, whereas religious people believe in miracles. Scientist tends to look for natural causes which derive them towards an answer. Theologians tend to declare divine interventions to strengthen their faith when they see an opportunity. Religious people believe that they have evidence that God created the world. They disagree with the scientist that the universe emerged into existence. Scientist trust in equations and experiments but don’t rely on them. In religion, there is no room for uncertainty. The alleged truth that humanity is a small particle of dust in the immensity of space contradicts with the religious belief that we are the masterpiece of God’s plan (Barbour, 2000). Religion has conveyed questions about the unknown in a wrong manner, and this has caused it to be a victim of science progress hence the conflict.

Evaluation of the Importance of Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith dialogue assembles people of different religious faith (both individual and institutional) for conversations that keep our society together. These dialogues are increasingly being recognized by religions seeking to deepen their relationship, have mutual empowerment, find a mutual understanding of beliefs, grow in faith, and end violent conflicts within their communities. Interfaith dialogues are only successful when there is careful preparation, proper representation, and clear purpose between the involved parties (Barbour, 2000). Constructive conversation involves listening, reading and interpreting issues through the views others to strengthen our relationship with God. Religions should find ways to co-exist with one another despite their differences. Democracy in Interfaith dialogue may help create spaces and nourish friendships among people of different beliefs.

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Characteristic of the New Age Spirituality

‘New age spirituality’ is a new age movement of people who practice a certain kind of spirituality that came into being in the 1960s. The concept of unity, harmony, and wholeness are critical in the new age of spirituality. The New age spiritual people believe that good health is wholeness and that there should be harmony between the mind and the body as a sign of oneness with the universal spiritual energy. They achieve spiritual energy through meditation or by using essential oils which restores balance to the forces within the body. The new age people believe in pantheism. In the new age, people practice the use of magical potions, the use of tarot cards and also believe in karma. A good example is the Star Wars film (the false awakens 2015) which has shown interest in the possibility of life forms beyond this planet (McCauley, 2011). Hopefulness is a crucial characteristic of the new age spirituality. The new age people also believe that there will be a time when people and Jesus Christ will be reunified, and there will be healing of all the separation. 

Traditional Types of Changes in Religion

Religions have changed over time due to new beliefs, values, and also perspectives among Christians. Reform, progressive movements, and schism are the three traditional changes in religion. Reform and progressive movements occur to make religion more or provide within a religion. These changes usually occur due to different leadership, new laws and regulation, and also internal influential shifts within a religion. Seramasara (2018) argues that reform and progressive movements often form new rules and customs or amend the existing ones within a religion without breaking it apart. When a religion breaks apart, two or more congregation combine to create a new religion (McCauley, 2011). Religious disagreements and political conflicts are the main reasons that may cause religions to break apart. 

In conclusion, religion has conveyed questions about the unknown in a wrong manner. This has caused it to be a victim of science progress hence the conflict. However, the conflict can be solved through integration and dialogue programs.


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