12 Apr 2022


Problems facing Patients and Solutions

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Patients face tremendous challenges in their fight to getting back a healthy body. These challenges can be solved using various methods with the nurses being at the forefront of this task. The various problems and their solutions have been illustrated below.

Addictions which are still present while the patient is trying to acquire a healthy lifestyle may deter them from achieving the latter. Some addictions may end up fighting with the medication the patient is taking. In some cases some of the patients who have respiratory infections tend to be smokers this may be the cause of the infection but due to the fact that it is an addiction stopping especially when the patient is a heavy smoker would be an issue. This can be managed through replacing present addictions with other healthier obsessions (Wilson, 2011).

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Unhealthy eating habits is a big problem, this includes irregular eating, eating foods which nutritionally are not recommended for the recovering patient. Excessive fats and processed foods tend to be tastier that other green or farm fresh products this makes them more appetite friendly foods (OECD, 2011). Processed foods normally do not add the required amount of nutritional balance the body needs for a healthy recovery thus should not be recommended as the main diet for a recovering patient. This can be overcome through the stocking of healthy foods even in the refrigerator, eating foods with adequate energy supply and proper allocation of meals. Supplements can also be used to reduce cravings as they give the body vitality, fabricate, and repair organ tissues.

In conclusion to enable a patient have a healthy lifestyle the best method would be as Hughes (2011) says to have a patient – and family centered care. This is not a new concept; but rather one that could be viewed as receiving more talk than action in practice, in large part because there is no consistent agreement as to what patient- and family-centered care really is (Hughes 2011).


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