12 Jun 2022


Psychological Effect of Nursing Burnout

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Many people experience stress on different occasions. However, prolonged effects can result into a burnout. In other words, it can cause emotional exhaustion as well as disengagement. Many nurses have been subjected to this feeling mostly because of the issue of programs and work becoming more intense and rigour. Burnout falls under the category of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. While stress is often linked with over engagement, it seems the opposite of burnout since burnout is associated with disengagement. Some of the factors that cause nursing burnouts include long shifts and tight schedules.

Nursing burnout can cause psychological effects among nurses which later make them perform poorly leading to low patient satisfaction. Among the psychological consequences of burnout include depressive symptoms such as feeling helpless, detachment, cynicism, lack of general motivation in daily activities accompanied by insomnia. Moreover, most nurses have self-doubt having a perception of self-failure which contributes to less satisfaction in their careers. Recent research on nurses proved that nursing burnouts are a significant predictor of emerging issues of insomnia. More specifically, the primary point of concern caused by nursing burnout was the challenge that most victims retire earlier than expected because of such psychological consequences. Because these effects can contribute to poor decision making, they, in turn, cause poor standards of care and patient engagement as well as high turnover rates in healthcare settings. On that account, the menace of nursing burnout is not something that should be worried about only by healthcare professionals but the society at large; since it has become a challenge affecting any person that receives care in any healthcare institution.

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